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Compact Readers

compact reader LPR3011 Compact Reader 2.45 GHz
The HyperX LPR3011 compact readers enable high speed identification of all tags in the HyperX product range. these readers are available in 2 versions with a fully integrated small design. Two models available: TTL links only & TTL + Computer Serial Links.
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compact reader LPR3010/LML3015 Compact Readers
Range - 0.5m(1.5 feet)1m(3 feet). These readers offer a cheap alternative to identify the HyperX tags from 10 to 50 centimeters (0.3 to 1.5 feet) with the LPR3010 and to 1 meter (3 feet) with the LML3015. The reading distances are user-configurable.
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HyperX long range reader

LMB6012/LMB6013 HyperX Long Range Identification
The HyperX LMB6012 and 6013 compact readers enable high speed identification of all tags in the HyperX product range. The readers are available in 2 meter and 3 meter ranges in a fully integrated small footprint design.
Datasheet | Balogh website

Long range Identification LMB6033/34/35 HyperX Long Range Identification
The compact readers come with a waterproof housing which protects the electronics against harsh weather conditions. Its compact design contains all the functional parts: antenna, RF source, demodulator, processor and interface modules.
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Modular Readers

Modular Reader LML3010 Modular Reader
2 meters (6 feet) range. Up to 20Km/h (15 miles/h). Hands free identification, multitag identification, tag identification behine the windscreen, identification checking by protocol, parallel installation of several readers, robust, weatherproof and small antenna.
Datasheet | Balogh website
Modular Reader LML4013 Modular Reader
3 meters (10 feet) range. The antenna is small and can be installed against a metalis wall, inside or outside a building. The purpose of this element is to read the tags which enter the reading area.
Datasheet | Balogh website
handheld reader APR350/380 The compact and tough handheld reader
The portable readers APR350 and APR380 combine an ISO11785 RFID and an alphanumeric keypad for easy data collection. The APR380 has an additional Bluetooth Class 2 interface.
Datasheet | Agrident website
Mobile windows solution AIR100/200 The Mobile Windows Solution
The ISO reader modules AIR100 and AIR200 are designed as integrated reader heads for the handheld computer. With one hand operation it is the ideal solution when an application requires many data, flexible programming and wireless connectivity.
Datasheet | Agrident website
external antennas AEA080-AEA121 External antennas for the AIR200 Reader
The unique combination of the AIR200 ISO reader and the handheld computer becomes even more flexible with the different external antennas for the AIR200. There are three versions for different applications available, the AEA080 stick antenna, the AEA090 attachable stick antenna and the AEA121 attachable telescopic antenna.
Datasheet | Agrident website
The OEM Board ABR003/005 The OEM Board
The OEM reader modules ABR003 and ABR005 are designed for the integration into mobile devices like handheld computers. The main advantages are the compact size of the board, low power consumption and a good reading range for HDX and FDX.
Datasheet | Agrident website
OEM ABR005/105 OEM
The new ABR105 module is very small and provides an additional USB port. Both OEM modules are specifically adapted to the unsteady voltage of the Li ion batteries in recent mobiler devices. They need no additional power supply convertor from 3 to 5 volt.
Datasheet | Agrident website
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