MOBOTIX Product Range

Allround M24

allround m24 Allround M24
The professional and low-cost exchangeable-lens camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Internal, digital video recorder with up to 32GB of storage capacity and HighRes recording up to 3.1 megapixels. Over 30 times more detail than CIF.

DualNight M12

DualNight M12 DualNight M12
MOBOTIX dual lens, day/night camera with two seperate HiRes image sensors have brilliant colour for the day and extremely light-sensitive black/white sensor for the night. This camera is intelligent and robust solution with no moving parts.

MonoDome D24

MonoDome D24

MonoDome D24
Inconspicuous surveillance with state-of-the-art technology. The D24 FixDome from Mobotix adapts perfectly to any task. Exchangeable lenses, various mounting and configuration options including vandalsim set support unlimited applications possible.

DualDome D12

DualDome D12 DualDome D12
With two lenses and two HiRes image sensors, the D12 is a highly specialised security solution. Monitoring and securing two seperate room areas simultaneously is possible with just one single camera. All this without error prone mechanical parts.

Hemispheric Q24

Hemispheric q24 Hemispheric Q24
An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360 degree allround view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q24 can be used in all new scenarios.


m12 DevKit M12-DevKit
M12 DevKit is the ideal solution for all non-standard applications. It is a high-resolution dual IP camera with two seperate image sensors that has been designed specifically for customised, concealed installations.

Vandalsim V12

Vandalism V12 Vandalism V12
Designed for use in extreme situations. In the form of V12 Mobotix offers a vandalism model based on the M12 DualNight, but with another 20 LEDs. The stainless steel housing even resists the attacks from handguns.
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