.:Management Controls Inc announces marketing partnership with Axcess
International Inc:.

March 4th, 2008

Customers offered automatic time & attendance and workforce information tracking for proven cost savings, security and safety improvements.

Management Controls Inc, a leader in automating the processing of service based contracts and Axcess International Inc, a leading provider of wireless business activity monitoring solutions, today announced an innovative new partnership. Together, the companies will deliver integrated solutions that offer customers direct contract labor cost saving through automatic workforce identification and tracking along with improved facility security, worker safety and real-time monitoring of physical assets. The solutions are based on MCI's market-leading Track™ project cost management software combined with Axcess's Dot™ micro-wireless technology for automatic identification, data collection and access control.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year due to limited workforce cost management data collection and tracking, cumbersome access control, obsolete safety systems and asset loss. The combination of Track software and Axcess's automated "hands-free" wireless ID's will deliver greater savings as a comprehensive system solution than each system has already proven to deliver independently. With the Track software and Dot wireless access control solutions in place, customers can expect to realise a 10 to 15 percent hard-dollar return on investment within the first six months. Documented savings include a reduction in labor billing costs of 10 to 14 percent, worker productivity improvement of more than 10 percent, a reduction in asset loss ranging between 1 to 4 percent and increased worker safety that has reduced injuries and saved lives.

"Many of our customers require the ability to check people and equipment in an out of their facilities automatically without installing fences, turnstiles or access control hardware," explains Bob Harrell, President of Management Controls, Inc. "We are delighted to partner with Axcess, a company whose dedication to wireless access control and management complements MCI's commitment to delivering real-time, actionable information about corporate assets."

"Our Control Point Location System architecture is ideal for the kind of high throughput, "hands-free" access control and tracking necessary in the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Utility industries that Management Controls services, " stated Allan Griebenow, Axcess International's CEO and President. "In fact, any industry that relies on the use of contractors to provide skilled labor is a prime candidate for the solutions delivered by MCI's Track Software and Axcess's Dot micro-wireless system."

Axcess's Dot Credentials - a long range transmission ID badges - do not require visual scanning by guards at the gate or presentation within inches of a reader. This long range capability allows for rapid, highly accurate identity logging at gates and employee entrances that may not have a gate controller, turnstile or some other typical form of access control point. As needed, the ID's are read from the inside of a moving vehicle as the contractors drive into the facility. Once in place, the highly scalable software and hardware solutions include the added benefit of delivering internal worker positioning information to comply with training and safety needs as well as automated emergency evacuation information necessary under OSHA regulations in the case of an incident. The systems sold by MCI and Axcess also can be integrated with standard access control systems and the existing corporate network where they exist.

MCI and Axcess will co-market solutions to provide an integrated, efficient system for customers to automate the management and measurement of contractor labor equipment and materials, increase access control security and worker throughput, improve facility safety and reduce asset loss.

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