.:Routeware launches automated RFID verification for the waste industry:.

May 5th , 2008

Routeware, a leader in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for the waste industry, today announced that it offers a fully-integrated and automated radio frequency identification (RFID) verification solution designed to transform the way waste haulers collect and dispose of waste and recyclables in the United States. The new solution takes advantage of Routeware's expertise and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) low frequency (LF) products and systems engineering.

High-Quality Data for High-Quality Financial Results

High-Quality data is at the heart of Routeware's automated RFID verification solution. Through the use of TI's RFID LF technology, the solution provides more accurate, thorough and real-time digital reporting, which ensures that haulers receive the better data for better customer service and responsiveness. It also helps free up drivers to concentrate on their route and operate more efficiently and safely. For their part, waste-industry executives receive deep and meaningful visibility into their business operations. Additionally, the automated RFID verification solution can improve productivity in the waste collection and disposal process, and help all parties involved understand their true costs and margins. Finally it can increase consumer and community satisfaction and contribute even more to sustainability efforts. The net take-away is profitable, better run businesses built for the long-term.

A Digital Overhaul of the Hauling Business

"Our work with Texas Instruments will help usher in a next-generation digital overhaul of the hauling business, "said Robert DeKoning, CEO of Routeware. "Waste industry managers, operators, dispatchers and drivers have told us that RFID is their number-one priority, and now they've got it. Looking ahead, we believe this technology will help transform the industry from utility provider to value creator."

"With more than a decade of experience using our RFID low frequency HDX technology in waste applications in Europe, Texas Instruments has witnessed the benefits haulers receive from deploying RFID, "added Rafeal Mena, business depvelopment and applications engineer manager of asset tracking for Texas Instruments RFID Systems. "From building efficient programs to creating lasting relationships with consumers and communities, the same opportunities are unfolding here in the United States."

Managing and Monitoring for Success

The automated RFID verification solution from Routeware includes TI's LF RFID tags, which are affixed to trash containers and dumpsters, readers and antennas which are installed on collection trucks. Accuracy in waste management applications from the RFID side derives from a TI only LF technology called half-duplex (HDX) frequency modulation. Unlike full-duplex frequency modulation, HDX simply allows the reader to pause and listen during the tags response. This ensures a stronger radio frequency signal. Consider that the motor and the control lines of the garbage truck can also interfere with the reader and transponder, and the need for a strong signal becomes apparent.

Routeware's hardware and software links onboard truck data with the back office in real-time. Indeed, as each transaction is completed, its automatically recorded into the Routeware DMS 5000™ onboard computer and then integrated into Routeware Backoffice and the hauler's back office software.

The automated RFID verification solution offers two core day-to-day business process benefits:

* Real-Time Service Verification - This helps record precisely when, and from which container, garbage pick-up and disposal takes place as well as what is actually being collected and transported. In addition to increasing accountability on the part of the haulers, consumers get faster customer service data and more accurate bills, including more accurate waste collection charges and recycling credits.

*Asset Tracking - This helps haulers monitor their inventory of valuable containers and dumpsters, some of which can cost up to $20,000 each. TI's LF RFID tags are especially suited to this application because they can withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as shock and does not require a line-of-sight to be read. Besides containers and dumpsters, the solution can monitor driver and truck activity - whether it is in the yard, the fueling station or the landfill. This information helps haulers reinforce safe driving rules, enhance performance practices and improve productivity processes.

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders and reader systems. Capitalising on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging, TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications.

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