.:Axcess introduces new micro-wireless Dot™ sensor capabilities :.

September 5th, 2008

"Pick-to-light" Auto ID of goods and assets dramatically improves efficiency.

Axcess International Inc, a leading provider of Micro-Wireless business activity management solutions is introducing new sensor capabilities for the industry's most comprehensive automated asset management system. The new long range "pick-to-light" enhancement for the revolutionary Dot Micro-Wireless tagging platform means individual goods and assets can be located quickly via a visual indicator, even when in large groups across the room. The first units have shipped, and demonstrations will be conducted during RFID World's industry trade show in September.

"Pick-to-light" systems are used throughout industry to visually locate and pick specific raw materials and streamline and speed enterprise processes, making them more productive and efficient. Micro-Wireless systems inherently count and identify things within a few inches and at distances up to approximately 1000 feet. The Dot Micro-Wireless platform introduces a low price point not achievable in the past. The Dot "pick-to-light" capability allows for mass placement of low cost tags for finding specific items in locations such as warehouses and datacentres. Computers, servers and other IT equipment can be identified quickly using this method. An EPC standard handheld reader, the kind used throughout the RFID equipped supply chain, is utilised to command the light on a specific tag to activate; thereby indicating to the naked eye which unit matches the requested selection.

"To achieve such a flexible solution at such a low cost is significant," commented Allan Griebenow, President and CEO at Axcess International, Inc. "No other system has both the circuitry on-board and compatibility with the EPC C1G2 standard for supply chain RFID tagging, plus the battery power on board to be able to read tags from long range. Dot provides complete flexibility to support the needs of short range and long range applications making Micro-Wireless tagging that much more productivity enhancing."

Wireless "unattended" management of goods and assets enables real-time inventory transactions, automatic location determination, condition monitoring and theft prevention, providing dramatic savings in the management of assets and goods in the enterprise. Axcess's comprehensive system is unique because it combines the best features of long range "active" (battery powered) RFID and short range EPC-standard "passive" tagging all in an ultra small tag that sells for less than $10 in small quantities.

Micro-Wireless technology uses ultra-small, low cost reliable tags for the local transmission of information on assets, personnel and vehicles to provide an automatic, exception-based, labor-free way for identification, location determination, inventory accounting, security protection and condition status monitoring. The ability to optimise small form factor tags with all the necessary technical elements, including a reliable signal, the message information and enough signal power defines the wireless technology area called Micro-Wireless. Such solutions now encompass numerous applications, including automatic asset management, personnel and vehicle automatic access control, advanced workforce management and emergency evacuation accounting and wireless-based condition sensing. Other wireless technologies such as cell phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not well suited to these solutions because of their cost, size and power consumption. Micro-Wireless transmissions occur in the 315-433 MHz UHF frequency band, are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and do not require seperate licensing.

Axcess's unique Micro-Wireless implementation is based on a "dual-active" architectural design, where the wireless tags lie dormant until activated by a pre-programmed condition or by movement through a wireless activation field at a doorway or other control point. Alternatively, the tags can beacon at regular intervals for easy accounting. Axcess's battery-powered (also called "active") Dot tags include bar codes and short range Electronic Product Code (EPC) RFID capability along with long range transmission capability of up to 1000 feet.

About Dot Platform

Dot, the world's smallest, most powerful, lowest cost battery-powered wireless computer, is based on a revolutionary system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology design. Axcess's invention combines a processor, memory and wireless communications into one chip about the size of a grain of rice. It is as powerful as the first personal digital assistants (PDA's). It runs for years on a watch battery, stores at least three pages of information in memory and communicates to the world at high speed, all at a low cost. Within this single, low cost chip, Dot combines the beneficial elements of today's monolithic technologies such as RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing. Dot technology incorporates a battery powered, software definable wireless receiver that is compatible with multiple global regulations, including the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class 1 and Gen 11 (passive RFID) standard.

Dot, the only FCC approved hybrid micro-wireless solution, is a single wireless source common to multiple industry standards and supporting virtually all industries including the military, manufacturing, enterprise, oil and gas, utilities, education and government.

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