.:Wireless Dynamics Inc introduces the SDiD™ 1210, the first low frequency (LF) RFID reader SD card :.

May 7th , 2008

Wireless Dynamics Inc, a leading provider of NFC and RFID SD products, announces the SDiD™ 1210, the first low frequency (LF) RFID (radio frequency identification) reader / writer SD card. The SDiD™ 1210 is the latest addition to WDI's innovative SDiD™ product line that enables Smartphones and PDA's with SDIO to read and write LF RFID tags. It is suited for most LF RFID applications including: pet and livestock animal identification, herd management, asset tagging, oilfield logistics and process compliance, vehicle security and fuel payment systems. With the SDiD™ 1210, RFID tag data transactions can be processed in real time through mobile connections such as WiFi, CDMA, GSM/GPRS or UMTS associated with the portable device.

The SDiD™ 1210 is capable of interrogating most 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz LF RFID tag formats including: TI TIRIS®, NXP Hitag® and ISO 11784/ISO 11785 half-duplex (HDX) and full-duplex (FDX). Developers can easily create custom applications by utilising the available SDK compatible with PocketPC 2002/2003, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

"We are excited to offer a low cost and versatile handheld platform for the demanding LF RFID market, "said Ambrose Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Wireless Dynamics Inc. "This first of its kind low frequency SD card fulfills our commitment to provide economical and rapid deployment of mobile, real time RFID applications."

About Wireless Dynamics

Wireless Dynamics Inc is a leading provider of NFC and RFID SD products. The companies SDiD™ solutions enable NFC and RFID read/write functions for mobile devices such as Smartphones and PDA's. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Wireless Dynamics also provides wireless ODM designs, products and services.

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