.:FEIG ELECTRONIC delivers the first HF Gen 2 protocol drivers. Available now for the OBID i-scan® LR2000 Reader :.

May 15th, 2008

As of April 2008, all LR2000's shipped by FEIG ELECTRONIC will be available with the new EPC Global HF Gen 2 drivers. For FEIG users with existing LR2000's the firmware is available to download from the FEIG website. These are the first commercially available HF Gen 2 protocol drivers on the market.

The latest firmware features an advanced driver compared to the one used during the EPC Global Artifact Test in Weilburg Germany in September of 2007. This test was attended by many of the leading RFID reader and semiconductor manufacturers from Europe and the United States.

This EPC HF Gen 2 protocol driver supports all data rates of the Gen 2 specification. These data rates were tested in various application environments demonstrating the excellent performance of the HF Gen 2 protocol. This firmware is available for all OBID i-scan® HF LR2000 readers manufactured since 2006 and later. Also, anti-collision performance in the LR2000 has been enhanced 10 to 12 times higher due to the EPC HF Gen 2 update.

FEIG ELECTRONIC will be offering Gen 2 upgrades to several members of its HF reader family in the near future. Once the EPC HF Gen 2 specification is ratified FEIG ELECTRONIC will then offer this driver for all of its HF reader family. This driver will also enhance the anti-collision performance of all readers from 3 to 12 times depending on the reader model.

Besides the enhanced anti-collision performance of the Gen 2 HF protocol there are several other enhancements to the LR2000 firmware as well. These are added features for reading and writing of the tag number and user memory data blocks. Other features include being able to lock single blocks within the tag memory.

FEIG ELECTRONIC has over 10 years experience with HF technology. This vast experience has led to partnerships with leading manufacturers in order to bring forth the HF Gen 2 drivers. This technology is available in every OBID i-scan® product and HF Gen 2 transponder. FEIG has the largest selection of Proximity Readers, Reader Modules, Desktop Readers, Hand Held Readers, Mid Range Readers and Long Range Readers in the industry. HF Gen 2 is just a firmware load away; making it easy for you to bring HF Gen 2 to any application.

For further information on our range or if you would like a quote, please contact Electro-Com on 1300 130 806, sales@electrocom.com.au or visit www.electrocom.com.au .






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