.:PDC releases new Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps providing hospitals with quick and easy patient alert ID:.

September 18th, 2008

Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), the leader of automated wristband identification, announces the release of Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps. As the newest addition to PDC's Alert Band® ID products, Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps will quickly alert hospital personnel to the special needs of patients. The single post, durable snaps fit securely on all current snap closure style wristbands and compliment the use of traditional alert wristbands. New Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps help improve the patient identification process, which in turn, reduce hospital errors and increases patient safety.

Lack of consistency in patient alerts has presented problems when patients are tranferred among facilities or cared for by clinicians who work at multiple hospitals. In 2005, the need for alert standardisation gained national attention as the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority issued a patient safety advisory regarding an almost fatal incident in a Pennsylvania hospital. The advisory brought attention to a patient nearly dying due to confusion caused by the colour alert of the wristband.

"The healthcare industry recognises that having sound alert processes in place will generate the best possible outcomes in patient identification, safety and security," said Scott Hirst, PDC's Director of Marketing. "As alert standarisation isn't a national rule yet, individual states have been adopting alert standards to better protect patients. PDC has partnered with hospitals in every state to design solutions that best solve current alert standarisation needs. We're proud to introduce new solutions like PDC's Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps designed for healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality in alert patient care, and at the same time demonstrate to patients and their families their commitment to patient safety."

PDC's Ident-Alert™ coloured snaps are offered in a variety of colours that comply with all hospital alert state standardisation needs.

About Precision Dynamics Corporation

With over 50 years of experience, PDC is the pioneer in patient safety through positive identification systems and other healthcare products. The company delivers quality wristband solutions that help protect millions of patients against medical errors, while preventing millions more associated costs. As the developer of the first single-piece patient wristband, the first bar code wristband system and the first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, PDC wristbands are an integral cornerstone to the most successful patient safety initiatives.

PDC also produces wristband systems for the leisure and entertainment and law enforcement markets, including non-transferable VIP Band® wristbands in multiple colours and materials and advanced Smart Band® RFID wristbands for cashless point of sale, keyless door entry and access control and security. The company is committed to 100% quality in service, design and manufacturing

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