.:Axcess Internationals RFID solution proves most reliable in automatic protection of assets :.

January 21st , 2008

Axcess International Inc, a leading provider of wireless business activity monitoring solutions, today announced successful results from five customer implementations of its micro-wireless system for the automatic protection of assets. Interface Security Systems, LLC, one of the nation's largest providers of electronic security solutions and integrated security systems, working closely with Axcess, has successfully prevented the loss of critical casino keys, resulting in casino's keeping their doors open and saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Atlanta from January 22 to 23, Axcess is scheduled to demonstrate its newest Dot technology to companies across the country that are looking for the best solutions at the Asset Management Conference and Expo.

Whether a key used to open and lock the cash compartment on slot machines leaves the premises intentionally or unintentionally, the state gaming board requires the casino shut down partial or full operations while the casino re-key machines to prevent keys from being copied. Not only does this loss of gambling time impact a casino's revenue stream, but also the casino can receive fines from $25,000 to $100,000 and have employees fired for fraud or negligence.

Following the casino's unsuccessful attempts with other radio frequency identification (RFID) system providers, Axcess's automated asset protection solution was found to be the only reliable method. Hershal Richard, senior sales representative for interface, said, "The other RFID technology was not reliable. You cannot use something that works five out of six times. In contrast, the Axcess system works reliably. It has been in use ever since it was first installed four years ago., and we now have it implemented in five casinos." The same Axcess solution used in the casino's is now implemented in industry and government to locate, track and protect many types of assets automatically, including IT assets such as laptops, work-in-progress goods and inventory.

"Totally automated asset management systems, ones where no labor is required, provide the greatest value to the customer and a critical element of the solution is perimeter control, "commented Allan Griebenow, president and CEO of Axcess International Inc. "Whether it's a casino key, a laptop with valuable information on it or an expensive piece of test equipment, it's worth installing a system that automatically counts, locates and protects assets. We have perfected that added value. Providing a reliable, total solution for asset management sets us apart. We are pleased to work with professional partners like interface to implement proven solutions."

The RFID asset protection solution, part of Axcess's total system, enables assets to be located, tracked and protected automatically using small, low-cost, micro-wireless tags that activate on-demand at specific control points in and outside a facility. Tags, either embedded into or attached to assets, securely transmit their location ID and unique identifying number. The tag information is sent via an efficient and reliable wireless signal supported by battery power on the tags to ensure robust communication. The system can be tied directly into existing security and access control systems for seamless system operation. Tags approaching an unauthorised area trigger an alarm and automatically send wireless messages to security and first responders to prevent asset loss and enable immediate recovery.

Delivered in December, Dot™ is the smallest, most powerful battery powered wireless computer ever fielded. Dot adds transmission flexibility by interfacing with multiple enterprise legacy systems including the popular Electronic Product Code (EPC) standard system now used by RFID tags in the retail supply chain. Dot has set a revolutionary price point for multi-frequency, micro-wireless tagging.

About Interface Security Systems, LLC

Interface Security Systems, LLC, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the largest providers of electronic security solutions and integrated security systems. As the 12th largest revenue company on the most recent Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) Top 100 list, interface provides a broad range of high-level security services and solutions. Through a state-of-art U.L listed Secure Operations Centre and nationwide full service branch network, interface designs, installs, monitors and services a complete line of electronic security systems including interactive video, remote access management, integrated system design and engineering, as well as provides vertically integrated sales, installation and technical support. As a premier provider of electronic security services, interface protects tens of thousands of customers coast-to-coast.

About Axcess International Inc.

Axcess International Inc. delivers wireless intelligence through real-time business activity monitoring solutions that improve productivity, security and revenue growth. The systems derive wireless intelligence from automatic advanced workforce management, workflow management, asset monitoring and distributed sensing. Its revolutionary and patented Dot micro-wireless technology platform combines RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing for better decision-making and control throughout the enterprise. Axcess is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations plc.

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