.:Texas Instruments and 3M's decade long relationship delivers RFID innovations to libraries worldwide:.

November 21st, 2008

Tag-it HF-I chip data retention and quality inlay design enables RFID tag reliability.

Texas Instruments Incorporated and 3M Library Systems today celebrated a 10-year relationship that has created one of the major markets for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. To date, millions of TI Tag-it™ HF-I chips help libraries track periodicals in 3M Library Systems worldwide. Developed with a memory that reliably retains its data for an estimated 60 years at 131 degrees fahrenheit (55 degrees Celcius), TI suppies its durable, high quality HF chips in inlay format to 3M Library Systems, which manufactures RFID labels to tag library assets as part of its full-line of RFID solutions. The 3M™ RFID System streamlines the checkout and return, sorting and inventory management of library materials to better serve customers.

Libraries are providing more services without an increase in funding and are turning to technologies like RFID to automate routine tasks and free staff to spend more time with patrons. as libraries embrace the many benefits of RFID, one of their key concerns is the reliability and durability of the tags. This includes the ability of the RF chip to retain its data over the life of the libraries asset and quality construction of the RF inlay. The inlay contains the chip and RF antenna and is embedded inside the asset label. In each RFID chip a unique ID is stored that is tied to the library system database which identifies the individual book or document, such as title, author, number of pages, publication date, purchase date and shelf location. Libraries want to ensure the integrity of the chip's data when read at any time over the life of an asset, which can range from 10-50 years or more as well as the physical construction of the inlay.

"TI's Tag-it HF-I chip provides the long data retention libraries require and our tests show that TI's HF inlays have the best quality construction designed to stand the test of time in today's demanding library applications," said Rory Yanchek, General manager, 3M Track and Trace Solutions. "We warranty that 3M's RFID tags will last as long as the items to which they are affixed."

"3M Library Systems leadership built an exciting new application for RFID technology and one of the largest markets for high frequency (HF) technology," said Julie England, Vice President of Texas Instruments. "Using thin, flexible smart RFID labels created with TI's Tag-it HF chips and the inlay technology we co-developed, libraries are improving their operations while enhancing customer service."

3m Library Systems offers the latest in RFID, self-service, automated materials handling, security and PC management solutions that help create a more human library and a more fulfilling and enjoyable patron experience. 3M also collaborates with libraries to support their technological advancement and ensure their success through numerous industry sponsorships and programs.

Texas Instruments is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of RFID tags and reader IC's and transponders. Capitalising on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging, TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications.

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