.:Sensata Technologies showcasing expanded line of sensors and controls for commercial HVAC/R market :.

January 22nd, 2008

With acquisition of Airpax, Sensata brings thermal sensors and power protection options to AHR expo .

Sensata Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors and controls, today announced it is showcasing an expanded line of pressure and thermal sensors and switches for the HVAC/R market during the 2008 AHR Expo. With the companies recent acquisition for Airpax Holdings Inc, Sensata is now delivering more sensing and electrical protection solutions for residential, industrial, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications. The companies expanded line of pressure and temperature sensing and electrical protection products will be on display during the 2008 AHR Expo.

Since acquiring Airpax, a leading worldwide manufacturer of circuit breakers, thermostats, temperature sensors, electronic monitoring and control systems, Sensata Technologies now has one of the broadest ranges of sensing, electrical protection and control technologies for the HVAC/R industry. Among the products on display at the AHR Expo will be:

- Airpax Verisense™ Temperature Sensors and Bimetal Temperature Switches
Airpax sensors and switches provide a warning or immediate shutdown of electrical equipment when a temperature appraoches and reaches critical levels.
- E-Plex™ Multiplex Controls
E-Plex multiplexing technology transports data over a simple, two-wire bus for intuitive user interfaces, power-distribution modules, machine-interface modules, sensors and software. Flexible for integration into all equipment forms and scalable for simple or complex configurations, users can monitor and control engines, generators, lighting, HVAC, audio/video and other systems.

"The AHR Expo will be the first venue in which we're showcasing our vastly expanded product line that includes Klixon™ pressure switches, Airpax thermal sensors and electrical-protection products, plus E-Plex Multiplex controls, " said John Forsyth, HVAC marketing manager, Sensata Technologies. "The addition of Airpax products to the Sensata line gives our customers a much wider range of control and monitoring solutions for HVAC systems."

Sensata Technologies pressure and temperature sensors and switches come in a wide range of fittings, packaging materials, pressure ratings and electrical inputs/outputs. The company will be exhibiting at the AHR expo in NYC.

About Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection and control solutions across a broad array of industries and applications in the automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, telecommunications, recreational vehicles, marine, medical, information processing, electronic power supply, power generation, construction, agricultural and alternative energy markets. Sensata Technologies products improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people everyday.

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