.:Practical RFID reader with USB link from Brooks Automation :.

May 25th, 2007

RFID system provider Brooks Automation has come up with a new compact reader for use quite without complications. The electronic RFID circuitry is housed in a package measuring about 11 x 7cm and works on a frequency of 13.56 MHz. A USB 2.0 interface simply connects the RFID reader to a PC or laptop. This compactness and simplicity make the reader especially suitable for temporary use becasue you can install it and pack it away again fast. Hot-pluggability allows you to connect and disconnect while a computer is running.

The reader will commmunicate with transponders using standards or protocols like ISO 15693, EPC and I-Code. Powering is over the USB link so no seperate cable is needed. Integrated in the reader is a loop antenna producing a read and write range of about 5 to 15cm, depending on the transponder that is used. An external antenna can be added for more range.

The reader comes together with a Windows XPTM driver and configuration software.

About Brooks Automation GmbH:

Brooks Automation Inc is a worldwide provider of automation solutions and robot systems. With sites in America, Asia and Europe, the company employs some 2400 persons and achieved turnover of US$692 million in the last fiscal year. Corporate headquarters is in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Since 1994 the RFID offshoot of the subsidiary Brooks Automation GmbH has focused on the development and manufacture of RFID systems to communicate data without physical and visual contact. In the meantime the product portfolio includes mobile and stationary readers working in the LF (134.2 kHz) and HF (13.56 MHz) frequency bands together with a wide choice of accessories.

For further information, please contact Electro-Com on 1300 130 806, sales@electrocom.com.au or visit www.electrocom.com.au .




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