.:Axcess Micro-Wireless IDs Proven in Live Miner Tracking Safety Demo :.

September 25th, 2008

Axcess International Inc, a leading provider of Micro-Wireless business activity management solutions working together with Foundation Telecommunications Inc, and Architron Systems Inc provided a live demonstration of a comprehensive mine communications, tracking and sensor system designed to deliver miner safety to underground mining operations. Micro-Wireless IDs attached to personnel in the mine were tracked as they moved throughout the mine's tunnel on September 12. The system also successfully provided real-time location information for miner tags following a simulated mine cave-in to show the robust nature of the entire communications system design that can be used to ensure the safety of the more than 344,000 miners in close to 15,000 mines in the United States alone.

Interest in miner safety increased following the Sego Mine disaster in West Virginia and prompted The Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 requiring miner safety improvements be implemented by mid 2009. The act's provisions require wireless two-way communications and an electronic tracking system be implemented to permit those on the surface to locate persons trapped underground. The live demonstration showed how the combination of a robust wireless network design for tunnels combined with Micro-Wireless personnel tagging technology offers the best combination of technology and can immediately provide the necessary safety outlined in the Miner Act.

Foundation Telecommunications and Architron installed the wireless tunnel backbone communications system for the live test, staging personnel in shafts at varying intervals. With automatic "self healing" links and "mesh" multi-node communications paths, the system overcame obstructions and elevation changes in the mine that normally foil traditional Wi-Fi communications systems.

"We've installed numerous XRF® based systems, so the only unique aspect of this was the requirement for a design that could withstand a cave-in, "commented George Livergood, President and CEO of Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. "We've been working very closely with a number of mine operators in Kentucky and the state government to provide a solution that meets the stringent demands of the mine environment."

The AX5 wireless access point equipment is based upon Architron's XRF patented technology, which is designed specifically for rugged environments. It is capable of carrying voice, email, video and miner position data to the surface reliably. The XRF solution is frequency and standards agnostic, completely flexible and upgradable, allowing rapid deployment of wireless, ultra-high-bandwidth communications networks. Only XRF has the ability to embrace all common wireless standards both licensed and unlicensed into a multi-patented ubiquitous solution.

"The XRF technology platform is ideal for this application because of its inherent rugged design and communication adaptability," said Byron del Castillo, CEO of Architron Systems Inc. "We can deliver a network flexible enough to be cost effective yet meet the demands of mine communications."

The miner locating capability is based on Axcess's Micro-Wireless IDs or tags, which come in multiple form factors and can be carried by the miners in various ways including being attached to the miners helmets. The tags turn on automatically as miners enter the mine and provide regular identifying transmissions to embedded receivers within the AX5 access point package. Transmissions are provided in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved 433 MHz frequency band, which is inherently more robust than Wi-Fi signals operating at 2.4 GHz from ID devices in mines. Real-time location data tells where the miner is at all times, and the tags include options for sensing and panic alarms as enhanced safety features. The software includes pre-programmed alarm detection filters that automatically alert first responders to a disaster and provide a visual display of the miner's location.

"The Mico-Wireless tags are very small, very low cost devices specifically designed for local area monitoring needs such as miner tracking, "said Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess International Inc. "Together with the XRF technology, the system meets and exceeds the stated requirements for enhanced miner safety. We are pleased to be able to support Architron and Foundation Telecommunications for such an important cause."

Micro-Wireless technology uses ultra-small, low cost reliable devices for the local transmission of information on assets, personnel and vehicles to provide an automatic, exception based, labor-free way for identification, location determination, inventory accounting, security protection and condition status monitoring. The ability to optimise small form factor tags with all the necessary technical elements, including a reliable signal, the message information and enough signal power defines the wireless technology area called Micro-Wireless. Such solutions now encompass numerous applications, including automatic asset management, personnel and vehicle automatic access control, advanced workforce management and emergency evacuation accounting and wireless-based conditioning sensing. Other wireless technologies such as cell phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not well suited to these solutions because of their cost, size and power consumption. Micro-Wireless transmissions occur in the 315-433 MHz UHF frequency band, are regulated by the FCC and do not require separate licensing.

Axcess's unique Micro-Wireless implementation is based on a "dual-active" architectural design, where the wireless tags lie dormant until activated by a pre-programmed condition or by movement through a wireless activation field at a doorway or other control point. Alternatively, the tags can beacon at regular intervals for easy accounting. Axcess's battery-powered (also called "active") Dot tags include bar codes and short range Electronic Product Code (EPC) RFID capability along with long range transmission capability of up to 1000 feet.

About Axcess International Inc

Axcess International Inc delivers wireless intelligence through real-time business activity monitoring solutions that improve productivity, security, safety and revenue growth. The systems derive wireless intelligence from automatic advanced workforce management, workflow management, asset monitoring and distributed sensing. Its revolutionary and patented Dot micro-wireless technology platform combines RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing for better decision-making and control throughout the enterprise. Axcess is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations plc.

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