.:Ten inlay manufacturers choose TI's silicon for range of new RFID tags :.

March 28th, 2007

Ten inlay manufacturers have chosen radio frequency identification (RFID) silicon from Texas Instruments Incorporated to power a range of new tags designed for retail supply chain, asset tracking and authentication applications. Representing established corporations and newer RFID inlay providers based in North America, Europe and Asia. The companies are using TI's EPC Generation 2 (Gen 2) Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) silicon in strap and wafer forms, and its High-Frequency (HF) ISO/IEC 15693 silicon. TI's strength in semiconductor manufacturing and its RF expertise are enabling customers to bring products to market quickly, and capitalise on new RFID tag applications such as Gen 2 strap on label and authentication of brand goods.

Checkpoint Systems Inc, a manufacturer and marketer of RF and RFID based solutions for identification, tracking, security and merchandising applications, is offering two new EPC Gen 2 labels, using TI silicon and RF antennas that were jointly developed by the two companies. The labels, available in 2 x 4 inch and 4 x 4 inch sizes, also incorporate the new Checksi Checkpoint RFID straps.

UPM Raflatac, a manufacturer of RFID tags and inlays has developed a new HF inlay to tag consumer products at the item-level using TI's 256-bit ISO/IEC 15693 silicon. Applying RFID technology to individual items such as brand apparal, cosmetics, sports memorabilia and pharmaceuticals can help deter theft in the supply chain and ultimately protect brand value. TI's HF-I silicon enables UPM Raflatac to produce a tag that is small enough to accomodate the range of product shapes and sizes being tagged, along with the necessary memory to store important product information.

Other companies who have chosen TI silicon include Hana RFID, Mu-Gahat, RCD Technology and WaveZero who are using TI Gen 2 silicon and straps to support their inlay manufacturing processes for retail, supply chain, logistics and government applications. RFID inlay companies SAG, Tagstar Systems and Tatwah Smartech are manufacturing HF inlays for asset tracking applications using TI's new HF-I silicon. Tyco Electronics Corporation is developing RFID tags using TI's HF and UHF silicon. All of the companies will use TI's silicon chips for direct die attach while RCD Technology will use TI's silicon and strap for both direct die and strap attach methods.

Offering design flexibility to customers, TI provides its Gen 2 silicon to inlay, label and packaging manufacturers in three convenient forms: bare wafers to support various assembly processes; processed wafers (bumped, sawn with back grind) suitable for immediate use with commercially available inlay equipment; and silicon chip on strap for label and packaging manufacturers who are printing their own antennas. The companies HF silicon is available in both bare and processed wafer forms. TI is also offering reference antenna designs to enable customers to develop labels and tags which optimise its Gen 2 and HF RFID silicon.

"As a co-inventor of the RFID inlay, we're leveraging our expertise along with our advanced Gen 2 and HF silicon to help customers bring to market a range of innovative new RFID tags, "said Jeff Kohnle, director of business development for asset tracking, Texas Instruments RFID Systems.

About Texas Instruments RFid Systems

Texas Instruments is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders and reader systems. Capitalising on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging. TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications.

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