.:Secura Key's e*Tag® helps fitness club members stay on track:.

The Challenge

What's the leading business challenge for fitness clubs? Getting members to keep coming to the gym! Traditionally, fitness clubs sign up hundreds of new members in January, and by March 80% of them drop out because members don't see immediate results, and they become discouraged.

The Solution

One solution to this problem is to use technology to monitor and track member performance, providing meaningful real-time feedback that shows progress and improvement. When members can see their continuous improvement, it encourages them to work harder and keeps them enthusiastic about their progress. This progress feedback also helps fitness trainers by providing a way to measure improvement.

MYTRAK is a sophisticated health system that integrates technology, personal monitoring, automated feedback, coaching and performance tracking. MYTRAK systems integrate with physical fitness equipment used by some of the world's largest fitness franchises. Secura Key's e*Tag® RFID readers and keytags are an important component of the MYTRAK system.

MYTRAK technology was originally developed for physical testing and rehabilitation. The equipment gave corporations a way to test the physical abilities of job applicants. It also allowed physical therapists to assess the progress of patient rehabilitation.

In 2004, MYTRAK CEO Reed Hanoun decided to apply the same basic technology to the physical fitness market. After a year of development, MYTRAK was successfully launched, and met with rapid acceptance by major gyms worldwide, including the largest women's fitness franchise in the world. OEM versions of the system are also marketed to fitness equipment manufacturers. MYTRAK also helps document member performance for health insurance companies, who may provide discounts, "points" or payments to cover fitness club memberships.

MYTRAK provides each fitness club with a central kiosk containing the MYTRAK PC software. A MYTRAK "Success Coach" is installed at each exercise station, to monitor the member's heart rate, as well as the action of the exercise machine. It has a multi-LED display which provides the user with real time performance feedback for Cardio, Energy, Range and a numeric display for reps. The Success Coach also contains an RFID reader/writer. A Secura Key e*Tag® RFID keytag is issued to each fitness club member, who presents it to the Success Coach at each exercise station. When the member completes the exercise circuit, they return to the MYTRAK kiosk, present their Secura Key RFID tag to the reader and the software displays a report of how well the member is performing, including body diagrams, bar graphs and numeric data.

Partnering with Secura Key

As they were preparing to launch, MYTRAK needed an RFID key tag supplier and they also needed an RFID reader/writer with a USB connection for the kiosk. MYTRAK's engineers searched the internet and found Secura Key. They liked the ET-4 mini mullion reader, which Secura Key produces in white to match the MYTRAK equipment. They also liked the rugged, compact ETST Keytag, which allows 4-color custom printing on both sides. Because MYTRAK is a memory intensive application, Secura Key uses the larger capacity keytag with 10 Kbits of data storage e*Tag® is an ISO 15693 open-standard technology. The passive 13.56MHz RFID chip is powered by Secura Key's ET-4 reader/writer. Secura Key provided custom reader labels and custom keytags with MYTRAK branding, as well as special branding for MYTRAK's OEM customers.


175,000 fitness club members are currently using MYTRAK Health Systems with Secura Key RFID readers and tags, and this number is projected to grow to one million members by the end of 2008.

About Secura Key

Secura Key has been a leading access control manufacturer for 35 years, offering contactless smart card, proximity and RFID (Contactless Smart Card) technologies, standalone access control units and complete systems controlling up to 200 doors. Secura Key also provides custom card, tag and transponder packaging for the RFID industry, including LF, HF and UHF technologies. Secura Key's RFID reader/writers offer RS-232, RS-485, TTL and USB communications, and factory support is available for application developers. Secura Key is located in Chatsworth California, with complete in-house engineering, design, card manufacturing and printing capabilities.


The vision of MYTRAK Health System is based on the premise that participation in effective physical activity is absolutely necessary to improve health and thereby reduce health care costs for all population age bands. Their vision is to provide the technology to coach, track, assess, report and validate any exercise methodology delivered at any venue. Their mission is to reduce health care costs by improving the health and well being of everyone. MYTRAK is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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