.:AXCESS's Active RFID technology automates student attendance to facilitate financial aid funding at private U.S. College :.

AXCESS International Inc, a leading provider of Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, announced that its wireless tagging solution has been adopted at a private college in the U.S. Midwest to automate student attendance records required for financial aid funding. AXCESS has provided credential ID active tags, similar in size to a credit card, that are carried by students as their unique student identification card to record their attendance, replacing the older paper-based method. The system will reduce administrative costs associated with managing the financial aid student attendance records by up to 80 percent.

"The method for verifying student attendance for financial aid was very cumbersome for the professors and paperwork intensive for the staff," stated Dr. William Dunbar, President of Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. "We needed a system that would free the professors from submitting the attendance records required for governing financial aid funding and allow them to concentrate their time on their students. AXCESS has provided a way for us to automatically scan the building to record which students are in class on which days, providing the information needed for financial aid disbursement."

Network receivers located throughout the building query the active tags once an hour and log the identification number of the tag. The tag ID number is linked to the attendance database and automatically records which students are currently in class. This reporting is mandatory for students receiving financial aid that has funds electronically transferred to the school, and AXCESS has improved yet simplified the current method of fulfilling this requirement.

"This solution provides a clear return on investment for Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, and further demonstrates the diverse abilities of our Active RFID technology," commented Ben Donohue, VP of Business Development for AXCESS. "AXCESS's" system is flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications, while integrating easily with existing application software packages. This allowed us to work with the College to quickly provide a solution to their previous inefficient and time-intensive reporting process."

AXCESS's patented ActiveTag RFID product uses small, battery powered tags (generically called "active" tags) that when automatically activated, transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 100 feet to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are connected via an industry standard interface to existing security alarm equipment or networked on the existing corporate network. Optionally, the tag system can also be used to trigger security video recording and live remote video transmission. The tags are used for a variety of security applications including automatic personnel access to facilities, automatic vehicle access to parking areas and yards, corporate asset tracking and protection, as well as special purpose sensing. Automatic email alerting and paging is offered for rapid response to security incidents.


AXCESS International Inc, headquartered in greater Dallas, Texas, provides Enterprise Dot™, Dual-Active™ RFID (radio frequency identification) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for asset management, physical security, sensing and supply chain efficiencies. The battery-powered (active) RFID tags locate, identify, track, monitor, count and protect people, assets, inventory and vehicles. The patented technology enables applications including: automatic "hands-free" personnel access control, automatic vehicle access control and logistics management, automatic asset management and sensor management. AXCESS is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations.

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