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Appliances Controls - Fixed Temperature Thermostats

Electro-Com supplies a wide range of bimetallic thermostats designed for temperature control and thermal overload protection.

20433 Series Adjustable Water Heater Thermostat

20433 thermostat klixonAustralian designed adjustable temperature thermostat based on proven Klixon® bimetallic thermostat technology. Designed specifically for temperature control and over-temperature protection of electric storage water heaters. Conforms to Australian Standard AS3161 and AS1308. Various temperature ratings can be supplied to suit customer requirements.

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9925 Series Electric Fry Pan Control Plugs

9925 electric fry pan controlThe original adjustable temperature control for portable cooking appliances based on the famous Klixon 9192 "amplitude" thermostat.

Manufactured to your custom requirements:

  • Custom decal design
  • Customer specified calibration
  • Optional thermal fuse
  • Flexible cord and plug to suit Australian/European/North American or other requirements

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9192 Series Adjustable Thermostat


  • The original Klixon® 9192 design dates back over 30 years.
  • Often imitated but never matched in quality or performance!
  • The 9192 thermostat can be supplied in 110V or 240V format, creep or snap-acting.
  • Accurately calibrated to your requirements ready for assembly into your appliance.

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