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Times-7 delivers world class radio frequency identification (RFID) products that provide clients with fast, reliable and accurate identification of assets. 

The company was founded in September 2006, bringing together an experienced team with complimentary skills and a culture of passionate dedication to creating an exceptional business.

Times-7 has developed low-cost passive RFID technology for high-speed identification.  Through world leading innovative design of passiove tags and reader antennas, Times-7 solutions compete successfully with more expensive active tag based systems and open up new market opportunities where RFID has previously been cost prohibitive.

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Slimline A6034 Circular Polarised UHF RFID Antenna The Slimline A6034 is an ultra-low profile circular polarised flat panel high gain antenna. Times-7
Slimline A6034s Circular Polarised UHF Antenna This is an ultra-low profile circular polarised flat panel high gain antenna. Times-7
Slimline A6590C Ultra-low Profile UHF RFID Circular Polarised Ground Antenna Its a hard wearing ultra-low profile circularly polarised ground antenna. Times-7
Slimline A7030c Circular Polarised UHF RFID Shelf Antenna Innovative "Array-Ability' design, easily customised and scalable. Times-7
Slimline A8060 Door Frame Antenna (LP) The Slimline A8060 is a unique door frame antenna that is just 8mm (0.3inch) thick. Times-7
Slimline RTAS UHF RFID race Timing Antenna System The RTAS is a complete high performance ground mat antenna system. Times-7