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STid was established in 1996 and boasts 15 years experience specializing in RFID. STid designs, produces and sells innovative RFID readers and tags for high security personal identification (access control), long range vehicle identification (Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), car park applications, fleet management) and product identification in demanding environments (aerospace, health industry, railways). STid offers a full range of RFID products at all frequencies, for all chip technologies and compliant with international standards.

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Read Only ATEX/IECEX Readers

The ATX 13.56 MHz is a high-security certified proximity reader for all your access control requirements in explosive environments

Read Only Wall Switch Readers

This is a high security proximity reader designed to be mounted in switch boxes

Read/Write Biometric Reader ARC-D

The ARC-D is a secure card reader, combining RFID technologies and biometrics module of digital fingerprints.

Read/Write Touch Screen/Biometric Reader ARC-F

The ARC-F is a secure reader combining RFID technologies with a touch screen/keypad and biometrics fingerprint sensor.