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2N Helios

2N Telecommunications is a leading European manufacturer of telecommunications equipment focused on SME, LME and operator solutions, and servicing customers around the globe. 2N Telecommunications are the optimal choice for our customers because they provide customized solutions. This is also proven by their export success – a full 80 % of production is exported to more than 125 countries throughout the world. However they are not only manufacture their products, but also develop them, which enables 2N to respond to market needs with incredible flexibility. Although primarily concentraing on intercom solutions such as the 2N Helios, they also focus on other segments in their portfolio (i.e., operator solutions, M2M) as well as pay close attention to providing effective support to the distribution network and service. The 2N® Helios and 2N® Helios IP door communicators are leading products in their sector, both with regard to the technology used and to their overall design. The door communicators ensure comfort to you and your visitors, and thanks to the camera, you will increase security right at the entrance door. Visit: 2N Telecommunications

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2N® Helios IP Force

Guarantees resistance to external influences

2N Helios
2N® Helios IP Safety 2N Helios
2N® Helios IP Uni 2N Helios
2N® Helios IP Vario 2N Helios