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727-52 Multi-Sector MIFARE Reader/Writer

The 727-52 multi sector 13.56MHz contactless MIFARE Reader/writer operates with MIFARE Standard 1k/4k, MIFARE Plus X/MIFARE Plus S (in security level 1) or MIFARE Ultralight cards. A USB interface is used to communicate between the unit and a PC. When plugged in a PC the device enumerates as a virtual serial port. The reader has three independent LEDs and a beeper which are controlled via commands.

The multi-sector reader can read and write to any sector and block on the card and is MAD (Mifare Application Directory) compliant. All the encryption needed to provide a secure and reliable transaction is handled automatically with a few simple commands.


  • Commands to support transactions using the MIFARE VALUE format
  • Supports optional 128 bit AES authentication of MIFARE Plus cards to prevent card copying and tampering
  • Reader can store 32 keys for use as A or B keys and 16 128 bit AES keys for MIFARE Plus
  • Supports MAD1 and MAD2
  • Reads and writes data from any sector block on a MIFARE standard 1k/4k or MIFARE Plus card
  • Reads MIFARE cards unique ID number (UID)
  • Reads and writes to MIFARE Ultralight pages
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