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NFC Tag Types

Four types of NFC tags have been mandated to be operable with NFC enabled devices. By adhering to these technology specifications a consistent user experience is ensured.

NFC Forum Type 1

Type 1 tags are based upon ISO/IEC 14443A. The tags are read/write capable or can be configured to be read-only. Once a tag is set to read-only the information on that tag is prevented from being altered or over-written. Type 1 tags have a memory size of 96 bytes (expandable to 2kB) which is typically large enough for a URL of small amount of data). The low price of type 1 tags makes them a logical choice for most NFC requirements.


NFC Forum Type 2

Type 2 tags are based upon ISO/IEC 14443A the tags are read/write capable or can be configured to be read-only. Type 1 tags have a smaller memory size of 48 bytes (expandable to 2kB). They have the same communication speeds at type 1 tags.


NFC Forum Type 3

Type 3 tags are based on a Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) X 6319-4, known more widely as FeliCa. The tags have a larger memory with a theoretical limit of 1MB but commonly vary in size. The larger memory allows them to hold more complex data but is more costly then type 1 or type 2 tags. These tags are pre-configured by the tag manufacturer to be either read and re-writable, or read-only. Type 3 tags are faster than type 1 or type 2 tags.


NFC Forum Type 4

Type 4 tags are fully compatible with ISO/IEC 14443A standards and can use either NFC-A or NFC-B communication protocols. These tags can be set to either be rewritable or read-write when manufactured but once produced this setting cannot be changed. Memory size on these tags can vary and can be up to 32 Kbytes. Type 4 tags have faster speeds than the other tags.


NFC tags also have four modes of operation - find more on our NFC Tags Roles page

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