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RFID Library Systems

RFID changes how libraries work by creating efficiencies which are too hard to overlook. Within the walls of a modern library, millions of books, periodicals, CD's and DVD's are contained within its inventory. Managing this inventory can be time consuming and very costly to the library administrator. Even through the use of the Dewey Decimal system and modern barcode technologies, one misplaced book can result in hours of wasted time and manpower to locate the lost item due to the need for the book to actually be seen in order to identify it.

Using RFID, a library is able to identify and locate out of place items. RFID helps to speed inventory processes, and enhances the customer experience by increasing product availability and delivering faster checkouts. This allows the library to improve its customer service, and maintain inventory accuracies that deliver rewarding experiences to the library patron.

Benefits of RFID in Library Applications

  • Position your library as modern and innovative
  • High Reading Reliability - decreased error rates
  • Easy online book inventory
  • Improve security - anti-theft system
  • Faster, easier to use self-service
  • Improved returns processing
  • Efficient media management, inventory and control made easy
  • All types of media secured reliably with specific labels
  • Improved OH&S through reduced handling due to process automation

Please contact us if you need assistance in implementing an RFID strategy at your library.