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An Access Control System where functionality is not compromised by its simplicity!

Paxton have produced a simple, reliable, easy to install, access control system that is winning high praise from users and industry experts alike. This is the verdict given by Security Electronics & Networks editor John Adams after his ‘hands on’ experience with Paxton Net2.

John reviewed the Paxton Net2 access control system in a 2 part series of articles concluding in February ….and was very impressed! “The software gives me fingertip control from almost anywhere I find myself.”

Paxton have produced a variety of security solutions to suit different site requirements. Their one door philosophy means incremental growth is easy – doors can be added as required when the budget becomes available.

Their networked access control system Net2, is administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location. Door controllers come as IP, wireless or battery powered. Their door entry system, Net2 Entry, is an advanced cable door entry system with built-in access control capabilities.
A standalone access control system is also available which is non-networked and made up of readers or simple door controllers located at each door. They are administered via the use of tokens or card packs.
    Some new features now available with Paxton Net2 Entry door entry panels include:
  • Flush mount, surface mount and surface mount with rain-hood
  • New grouping feature enabling smart management of multi-tenant buildings
  • Multi-format reader. Reads Paxton & Mifare token technology
  • Intelligent panel design displays occupants by name
  • Intuitive user interface for secondary ONVIF compliant camera integration
  • SIP compatible, with wider range of 3rd party products

Like to know more about how Paxton can help you win more business? As the Victorian distributor, Electro-Com is excited to add Paxton systems to our extensive range of access control solutions. We’d be happy to show you how it all works so simply and effectively – so please call and make a time for a demonstration.

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