By eliminating mechanical keys and by providing instant access management on-the-go, Clay by SALTO makes access control secure, swift and simple for Mudanzas Oliva.


Mudanzas Oliva, based in Gipuzkoa (Spain), has been carrying out national and international removals for over 30 years. Now in line with ambitious expansion plans, the company has recently been incorporated into EMG (European Moving Group), a larger business group with a reputation for expertise in international removals and storage, in order to offer their customers an even more comprehensive and competitive service.

Due to this expansion, and as part of its commitment to provide a quality service, the company has decided to increase security protection of both its facilities and staff with the latest access control technology. The system chosen by Mudanzas Oliva to achieve this is Clay by SALTO.

The Clay system is a new cloud-based access control concept developed by SALTO that makes it fast, easy and simple to remotely manage and control building and staff access.

Miguel Oliva, CEO of Mudanzas Oliva, is the first executive in Spain to choose the Clay system to protect his company. Although a new technology, he knew that it was the solution he was looking for. He wanted a system that, apart from being effective, could also protect his business with state-of-the-art access control and Clay provides the highest security on the market with Desfire EV1 ClayTags, bank-level Clay Code security and SALTO quality assurance.

In the case of Mudanzas Oliva, operating abroad isn’t a problem either. With a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop the company can control the security of their facility and their staff from anywhere, in Europe or worldwide. Through the My-Clay App (available for Android, iOS and Windows) Miguel can add or delete users, open doors, or make a whole host of changes to the access system quickly and remotely.

And installation has been simple too. A central device, the IQ, is the heart of the Clay system. It just plugs in and it’s ready to go. If larger distances need to be covered, a Clay Repeater simply extends the wireless range between Clay door locks and/or Clay cylinders and the main Clay IQ. In Mudanzas Oliva’s case a single IQ was sufficient. The old mechanical system in three doors was changed out for Clay locks and their new access control system was done.

In a short timeframe Clay has quickly demonstrated that it’s the best solution to control and manage building and staff access for Mudanzas Oliva, delivering both security and efficiency.

“Clay has become our day to day security tool. Its many benefits and simple operation means we can offer our customers safe storage of their goods and possessions when needed, secure in the knowledge that the Clay locks and their audit trail management facility give them high security and peace of mind.”