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Leading the way for Australian Manufacturing.

G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd trading as ‘Black Snake (Aust)’ is showing that Australian manufacturing companies can still win export business by designing, and manufacturing, solid, proven, ‘fit for purpose’ products that do the job better than the competition.

And one of the ways they have of ensuring the quality of their products, as well as providing excellent in-field support, is through the use of RFID tags to identify and track their products.

black snake

Background to G.L.B. ‘Black Snake’ Strops

Black Snake was established in January 2002 as an Australian manufacturer of recovery strops designed specifically for vehicle recovery and towing.

The use of specially engineered manufacturing equipment allows them to construct a range of specialised, as well as custom made, recovery strops for mining, industrial, military and recreational requirements. The outcome is that Black Snake has become an increasingly sought after supplier of recovery strops in Australia and overseas.

Product development is continuing and custom products are being fabricated every day to meet customers’ requirements. The new production facility, with recently increased capacity, has supported their expansion to meet the needs of a growing export market.


Problem Solving using RFID

The range of Black Snake strops is extensive and identification of each product either in the field, or when returned for repairs, was difficult and time consuming. Labels added during manufacturing are quickly lost, or removed, in the demanding environment of mining or industrial operations.


black snake

By embedding a RFID HF Laundry tag supplied by Electro-Com (Australia) Pty Ltd, in the strop during the manufacturing process, identification of each strop can be with a PDA or NFC enabled device, such as a mobile phone as the tag reader.  

black snake

Electro-Comis a leading specialist supplier of RFID equipment, and worked closely with Black Snake to determine the most effective solution for their application. Since using RFID tags in their strops, Black Snake have been able to significantly improve their field support enquiries from users (sometimes from remote mining sites) with identification of the strop easily facilitated by using a mobile phone.



Information when needed means time saved

The same benefits apply when strops are returned to Black Snake for repair. Although the operation has a desktop reader used for programming the new strop prior to despatch, the mobile phone provides a quick and simple way of identification down on the factory floor.

The performance, quality and support Black Snake provides has led to increasing off-shore sales. The ability to manage and monitor each strop, whether from a field enquiry or if returned for repairs, helps Black Snake to not only respond to enquiries quickly and effectively, but manage and monitor performance of their on-going product development efforts to ensure continual product improvement.




John Johnston, National Sales Manager for Black Snake is excited about the growing offshore demand for the unique characteristics built into their strops and noted that “The help from Electro-Com’s technical team in finding a suitable RFID solution to meet our product tracking needs was invaluable. It allowed us to develop and implement an identification system that helps us with on-going product development and improved field support for the sales volumes we are now experiencing”.

To find out how an RFID based solution can help solve your product tracking challenges and improve quality control call Electro-Com (Australia) Pty Ltd on (03) 9535 0700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .