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Low Frequency RFID (LF)

Electro-Com are the appointed distributors for TI-RFid™ low frequency (LF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, transponders and antennas.

Texas Instruments Low Frequency RFID technology operates on a frequency of 134.2 kHz, half duplex technology. The benefits of the technology allow the tags to be made for just about any application with sufficient read range between 20cm to 250cm. Low frequency tags are passive components (i.e. no battery), which enables the tag to last for many years.

Texas Instruments has been a leader in the RFID industry since 1991 is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of RFID transponders and reader systems. Capitalizing on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging, TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications.

TI-RFid™ LF technology is used in such applications as livestock identification (NLIS), automotive security applications, electronic door locks, and vehicle parking and identification.

Customer Benefits/Advantages of TI-RFID 134KHz:

  • Easy install, plug 'n' play technology.
  • Different shapes and sizes.
  • All transponders are passive (battery-free) being powered from the reader signal.
  • Read ranges between 20cm and 250cm.
  • Read only & read write transponders available.
  • Versions of r/w also include: User programmable memory sizes: 64/80bits, 1360bits, MPT-1360bits.
  • Transponders can be read through virtually all non-metallic material.
  • Transponders operate reliably in harsh environments, such as high temperatures, moisture and chemical exposure where barcodes cannot.
  • The transponders do not need direct line of sight to be identified.
  • Custom made antennas are easy to design and build.
  • The TI-Rfid low frequency system has the best read range performance in its class.

Texas Instruments Low frequency readers

The Texas Instruments LF reader family provides all the functionality required to communicate with 134.2 kHz low-frequency (LF) transponders that are available in a variety of form factors. The whole performance scale is very well served by a complete portfolio of devices ranging from single chip low power transceiver ICs to high power industrial readers and modules. Different reader types are well suited for usage in a broad range of applications including, but not limited to, access control, vehicle identification, container tracking, asset management and waste management applications

View the TI RFID Reader products.

Texas Instruments Low Frequency RFID Transponders

All transponders are available in read only (R/O and read write (R/W) types. Read Write types have 80-bits of re-programmable user memory.

Glass transponders are hermetically sealed which makes them completely water proof (e.g. for marine life), mount on metal tags are designed to perform better mounted on any metallic surface (e.g. vehicles).

The main benefit of the technology is the simplicity of the components and that it is very robust and easy to install.

Transponders are factory programmed during production by Texas Instruments with a 64-bit code which is virtually tamper proof plus an additional 16-bit CRC (error checking algorithm) to make sure that the tag is authentic and is an actual Texas Instruments tag. The 64-bit code is a 16-digit hexadecimal number allowing up to 16 16 = 1.844x10 19 combinations of code, which is a very high number of combinations. This code is used as the unique identification (ID number).

Some transponders also have the following options available:

  • Multi-page Transponder (MPT): same as read write transponder but with memory size of 1360 bits, organised into 17 pages with each page have 80bits of memory.
  • Selective Addressable Multi-page Transponder (SAMPT): Same as the MPT function but enhanced to allow a user to read or program a single transponder in a group of transponders.
  • Digital Signal Transponder (DST): Features a challenge/response encryption method that allows for secure authentication. Other features include secure id and optional password protection.

View the TI RFID Transponder products.


Texas Instruments RFID LF Antennas

These antenna products connect to radio frequency interface to the low-frequency (LF) 134.2-kHz Texas Instruments transponders. In combination with a reader/writer, they transmit energy and signals to the transponder and receive the response from the tag.

View the TI RFID LF Antenna.

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