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Access Control Systems

stand-alone access control Stand-Alone Access Control Unit with integrated RFID reader
With the admission controlling unit SUPM you can administer up to 250 transponders / persons. This unit is planned for the inside installation with an outside mounted antenna.
stand-alone access Control unit with external RFID reader Stand-Alone Access Control Unit for use with external RFID Reader - Wiegand 26bit
With the admission controlling unit CPA you can administer up to 250 transponders/persons. This unit is planned for the inside installation with an outside mounted reader.
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Power Supply

PS01 Power Supply

Power Supply 12 volts DC/18 watts, strong enough for supplying a terminal and door latch. Fitted with one metre cable on both mains and LVSide.

Power over ethernet injector hub P.o.E Injector
POE-220 Power over ethernet injector/hob enabling a unified supply of data and power through a standard Ethernet cable - DC48v, 350mA.
Smart Converters CON485 RS232 to RS485 Converter

Converter CON422:
Converts RS232 to RS422 or RS485


serial device server DS100 Serial Device Server
External device, connects your serial equipment to the ethernet. Stylish and robust, suitable for both office and industrial environment.
ethernet module EM100 Ethernet Module
Board-level component, adds ethernet port to your serial device. Very compact and highly integrated, only requires external connector (RJ45)
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biomax Biomax
Online terminal with fingerprint reader. Stainless steel or plastic case. Interfaces: RS232, TCP/IP or Wi-Fi.
fingerprint identification FIM20
FIM20 is a stand-alone fingerprint identification module composed of optic sensor and processing board for use in OEM applications.
fingerprint recognition reader Hamster - Nitgen Fingerprint Recognition Reader
This is a fingerprint recognition device for a computer security that is equipped with the fingerprint recognition module featuring its superior performance, accuracy and durability.
fingerprint sensor Hamster II
Hamster II has a fingerprint sensing function that prevents use of fake fingerprints. Hamster II is an optical fingerprint device built-in LFD (live finger detection) function and strengthen user security and convenience.
Biometric Terminal KBio
Stand-alone offline terminal with fingerprint reader. Plastic Case. Interfaces: RS232, TCP/IP or Wi-Fi and CAN. With a RFID reader 1:1 verification is made quickly and locally on the terminal.
Biomax access controller Biomax
The NAC-2500 access controller provides speedy and efficient fingerprint authentication by incorporating the latest fingerprint recognition technology. Communication: TCP/IP, Wiegand in - out, RS485
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devices for mobile data collection CF122/PCR125/MFR1335/RWD145
Compact Reader Modules for PDA / Pocket PC with CF card interface. Ideally for the mobile capture of transponders VID's from statically installed transponders.

Time and Attendance Terminals

time and attendance terminal Hundure HTA
Time and Attendance terminal: 0/4 function keys, real time clock, RFID reader - EM4102, Mifare UID and HID W26bit possible, 256k bytes dynamic memory (up to 8000 cardholders), RS232, RS485, TCP/IP and TCP/IP (PoE) Interfaces Available
integrating keyboard and display EnTRAX
EnTRAX are terminals integrating keyboard and display, designed for simple time and attendance applications but with a special focus for access control applications. It can work off-line autonomous or on-line connected to a PC
high end terminals for access control Prox+G/W
The Prox family are at the top end of the current range of terminals suitable for all access control, production control, data collection and time and attendance applications.
ultrax terminal UltraX
ULTRAX is the new terminal for all developers of the most sophisticated automatic identification and biometric technologies applications, with multimedia communication to workers, and physical field control, in networked real-time or offline scenarios.
access control system NeoMax
The NeoMax is a basic access control terminal, which can be used in combination with any kind of reader. It represents the ideal solution for hotel rooms, ship cabins, sleeping cars, offices, residential buildings, tourist villages, spas, clinics, hospitals etc
time display TR510
Basic T&A Terminal providing time display and IN and OUT button. Transaction buffon holding 8200 records, RS232 and RS485 interfaces.
time display TR515e
Basic T&A terminal providing time display and IN and OUT button. Transaction buffer holding 8200 records, ethernet interface - TCP/IP protocol
advanced time recorder TR40XX
Advanced time recorder with built-in floppy disk drive and large LCD display with translatable messages. 512k bytes transaction buffer, data output in MS Access format onto disk, RS232, RS485 or Ethernet (TCP/IP) Port. This unit can operate as a stand-alone clocking.
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Vehicle ID

handsfree proximity reader GP90 Hands-free Proximity Reader
The GP90 is a high performance proximity reader featuring long range and auto tuning. The read range of up to 100cm, making it suited to a variety of applications, including access control.

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