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Stationary Readers

Long range reader ASR700/766 Long Range Reader with DSP
The stationary long range reader has an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that reduces the influence of noise dramatically. It achieves a very good reading range even in a rather noisy environment e.g. slaughterhouse, packing plants or markets.
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economic long range reader ASR600/666 The economic Long-Range Reader
The stationary long-range ISO reader is the economic solution for all applications that require long-range reading. Due to the powerful output the ARS600 achieves excellent reading ranges even with large antenna panels.
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economic mid-range 24 volt

ASR500/554 Economic Mid-Range 24 Volt
The new stationary readers have a patented autotuning function ATF as a unique feature in these class of readers. The autotuning function not only simplifies the first installation but also ensures best reading range for the continous operation. It also comes with a robust case with IP 66 protection.
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mid-range reader 12 volt ASR400/454 Economic Mid-Range 12 Volt
Repeat tuning by ATF, at power on or by command, ensures the best tuning even under changing environmental conditions. The readers are in accordance with ISO11784/5 and therefore read all FDX-B and HDX transponders with a very good reading range.
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ASA antennas ASA Antenna panels for harsh Environment
The antennas ASA008, ASA009, ASA012 and ASA215 are designed for the stationary long-range readers ASR600 and ASR700. In combination with those readers they provide a powerful system with excellent reading distance of HDX/FDX transponders even under worse conditions.
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DAF Antennas Stationary Antennas DAF003-DAF206
The stationary antennas DAF003, DAF004, DAF006 and DAF206 in combination with stationary reader ARS or DSE are used for contactless identification of animals or objects.
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Portable Readers

stick reader AWR100/200 Stick Reader
The new powerful stick-reader for mobile applications is developed for fast and powerful reading in harsh environments, for example, feedlots, auction barns and abattoirs. The rugged IP67 RFID stick reader is fully ISO 11784/5 compliant and works under extreme conditions.
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handheld with RFID and Barcode APR450/480 Compact handheld with RFID and Barcode
The portable readers APR450 and APR480 combine an ISO11785 RFID reader, a barcode reader and an alphanumeric keypad for easy data collection and are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.
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handheld reader APR350/380 The compact and tough handheld reader
The portable readers APR350 and APR380 combine an ISO11785 RFID and an alphanumeric keypad for easy data collection. The APR380 has an additional Bluetooth Class 2 interface.
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Mobile windows solution AIR100/200 The Mobile Windows Solution
The ISO reader modules AIR100 and AIR200 are designed as integrated reader heads for the handheld computer. With one hand operation it is the ideal solution when an application requires many data, flexible programming and wireless connectivity.
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external antennas AEA080-AEA121 External antennas for the AIR200 Reader
The unique combination of the AIR200 ISO reader and the handheld computer becomes even more flexible with the different external antennas for the AIR200. There are three versions for different applications available, the AEA080 stick antenna, the AEA090 attachable stick antenna and the AEA121 attachable telescopic antenna.
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The OEM Board ABR003/005 The OEM Board
The OEM reader modules ABR003 and ABR005 are designed for the integration into mobile devices like handheld computers. The main advantages are the compact size of the board, low power consumption and a good reading range for HDX and FDX.
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OEM ABR005/105 OEM
The new ABR105 module is very small and provides an additional USB port. Both OEM modules are specifically adapted to the unsteady voltage of the Li ion batteries in recent mobiler devices. They need no additional power supply convertor from 3 to 5 volt.
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