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Contactless Tickets

contactless tickets Contactless Tickets
Confidex offers two solutions to be used in the contactless accessibility: a limited use paper ticket for short term use and the thin flexible PET card for extended use.
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UHF RFID Hard Tags

metal tag Confidex Ironside
The patent pending solution on-metal Gen2 UHF tag provides a trusted benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durablity. (IP68) to various customer requirements. The tag can be easily mounted on any metalic surfaces either mechanically with screws or pop rivets or with industrial adhesive.
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confidex halo

Confidex Halo
Mount on metal UHF RFID tag combines light weight, a small footprint and durable encapsulation without sacrificing RF performance. Its designed to be easily attached by cable ties through mounting holes, adhesive or specially designed magnetic holder.
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confidex survivor Confidex Survivor
This Class 1 Gen2 UHF hard tag has been especially designed for excellent performance in the goods transportation industry. It offers the best performance-to-cost ratio and applicability in the market. Its features form a clever combination for industrial and logistics applications from local to global operations.
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confidex steelwave Confidex Steelwave
This on-metal tag is designed for indoor asset management and tracking solutions where small size but best achievable performance of passive UHF RFID technology needs to be utilized.
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confidex micro

Confidex Steelwave Micro
Is a minature UHF on-metal tag, which for its size provides unparallel performance. It offers new possibilities for companies to improve their asset management, especially computers and other devices that contain valuable information.
Datasheet | Confidex website

confidex steelbit Confidex SteelBIT
SteelBIT's design is based on the RFID tagging requirements of IT assets in the financial industry. They're offered as pre-encoded according to the FSTC (Financial Services tesnical Consortium) ancoding scheme and supplies the tag with the specific layout.
Datasheet | Confidex website
confidex steelbyte Confidex SteelBYTE
This is designed for high memory IT asset tracking applications by equipping it with Alien Higgs3 IC. In addition to the 96 bit EPC, the SteelBYTE has 512 bits user memory and a unique tag identifier number.
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UHF RFID Special Labels

confidex carrier

Confidex Carrier
Confidex Carrier is a special label with a strong grip for plastic surfaces. It can be easily attached to various containers and with excellent performance, it provides new visibility to asset tracking applications.
Datasheet | Confidex website

special labels Confidex Casey
Designed to be used with difficult high loss RFID materials in materials tracking. With proven Class1 Gen2 - compliant RFID technology and reliable material selection Casey makes it possible to improve the management of various goods in daily use.
Datasheet | Confidex website
labelling tags Confidex Corona
Designed to provide discrete visibility for high-value, work-in-process items in demanding environments. The tag was specifically designed to perform in the challenging environments found in the industrial electrophoretic paiting processes used in the automotive sector.
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UHF RFID Special labels

Confidex Cruiser
Confidex offers RFID UHF Class 1 Generation 2 complient label for tyre manufacturing. This is designed to withstand all elements of the production process, which includes surviving the pressure and heat applied to the inside on the tyre.
Datasheet | Confidex website

UHF RFID Special label Confidex Pino
Designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets. This patent pending tag is also suitable for identifying wooden items from timber to finished structures.
Datasheet | Confidex website
UHF RFID Special Label Confidex SteelWING
With up to 100 meter read range on metal surfaces, UHF Class 1 Generation 2 compliant Confidex SteelWING has been designed to overcome the challenges of metal asset tagging. The light-weight tag has adhesive background and it can easily be attached on metal surfaces - without any extra spacer material.
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