Electromechanical Components and Sensors

As the officially appointed agent for Sensata Sensor and Control products (Formally Texas Instruments Sensor and Controls), including the 'KLIXON' product families. Electro-Com are also a distribution agent for Emicol. Electro-Com stocks a wide range of quality electro-mechanical devices, sensors and controls, in accordance with customer requirements.

Markets Served
Electro-mechanical products are designed to meet the continuously demanding and unique requirements of our diverse customer base in the areas of:
  • Transportation - Moving people and materials by land, sea, air and space.
  • Appliance - From cookware, coffee makers and refrigerators, these devices ease modern day living.
  • HVAC / Refrigeration - Climate control for residential, commercial and industrial users
  • Industrial / Commercial - Systems and equipment to support manufacturing, industrial and commercial environments.
  • Electronics / Telecommunications - Systems and devices that facilitate telecommunications, OEM, and consumer applications.
Call or email us at Electro-Com with your specification and we will recommend the appropriate device for your application.

Sensata Klixon Precision Products has been committed to supporting engineers with high quality, reliable, flexible, innovative expertise and product since 1956. We offer a huge array of custom solutions.

Klixon's quality and engineering systems -- and the majority of Klixon product lines -- are ISO 9001 certified. Applicable products and systems also have AS-9000 and QS-9000 registration.

Sensata Klixon motor protectors are manufactured to meet the requirements of all major Electrical Standards worldwide.

Most of our control products will meet the requirements published by UL, CSA, VDE, BEAB, SEMKO, NEMKO, KEMA, SEV etc.



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