RFID Applications

RFID access control Access Control
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Library Systems
Using RFID, a library is able to identify and locate out of place items. RFID helps to speed inventory processes, and enhances customer experience by increasing product availability and delivering faster checkouts.
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Library systems
animal identification Animal Identification
Texas Instruments RFID low frequency (LF) RFID technology has been used to identify millions of livestock animals around the world. These systems track meat and dairy animals, valuable breeding stock and laboratory animals involved in lengthy and expensive research projects.
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One of the widest applications of RFID is the automotive market. The majority of vehicles around the world are protected with an RFID based anti-theft system. Wedge transponders are fitted into the head of a key and used for vehicle immobilization.
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supply chain Supply Chain
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID is ideally targeted towards supply chain and logistics applications and is considered to be better suited for reading pallets and cases from portal or conveyor antennas, while the HF technology's shorter range allows for a more well-defined read zone.
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Asset Tracking
Automatic Identification products offer network=based management tools designed to leverage the enterprise LAN to identify, locate and track your mission critical people and assets right from the desktop.
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asset tracking
vehicle identification Vehicle Identification
Electro-Com have a number of RFID technologies for vehicle and transport identification applications, including HyperX long range 2.45GHz RFID TI-RFID low frequency RFID, UHF EPC gen2 passive and semi passive.
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The Pharmaceutical industry is seeking a better way to monitor the drug supply through the whole product life. RFID is seen as a way of solving these issues by ensuring the validity of data in the industry which will in turn improve product quality and safety and reduce costs.
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Airline Baggage Tracking
TI-RFID smart labels from Texas Instruments allow for highly reliable, economical baggage identification and tracking solution for positive passenger-to-baggage verification and reconciliation.
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CD and DVD Authentication
TI's Tag-it HF CD-DVD Inlay has been specifically designed to be attached to the case or moulded into the plastic hub in the center of a CD or DVD. Applications for the inlay include item and shelf-level identification and tracking of CD's and DVD's in libraries, and retail music or movie retail stores.
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cd dvd authentication
RFID document tracking Document Tracking
TI-RFID smart labels can improve the management of important document files within the industries such as insurance and legal where the loss of important files can cause severe problems.
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Express Parcel Identification
Manufacturers and express delivery firms can accurately track individual items throughout all stages of the supply chain network using RFID smart labels from Texas Instruments
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RFID express parcel identification
RFID laundry identification Laundry Identification
The 13.56MHz passive Laundry Transponder from TI-RFID is specifically designed for tracking garments in harsh environments, each laundry transponder has a unique identification number which is also laser etched on the transponder housing.
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Product Authentication
TI-RFID smart labels can be applied to and embedded directly into products such as clothing, designer good and clothing tags to provide authentication through the supply chain.
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RFID product authentication
RFID ticketing applications Ticketing Applications
For sports events, concerts, mass transit, visa, passport or other ticketing applications, RFID systems streamline ticket issue and validation.
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Wireless Commerce and Automatic Payments
Texas Instruments has created a smart and secure RFID technology solution for the Business to Consumer (B2C), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and automatic payment markets.
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RFID wireless commerce
sports timing Sports Timing
Sports timing systems based on TI-RFID technology, can collect perfect timing data. The RFID sports timing device is a small glass RFIOD transponder in a specifically designed plastic housing, containing a unique identification number.
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RFID applications access control

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RFID applications library

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