RFID Evaluation kits

RFID Evaluation Kits

To allow you get the most out of the various RFID technologies, Electro-Com offer a variety of RFID kits for customer evaluation. RFID Evaluation kits can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please contact Electro-Com on 1300 130 806 for advice.


Series 2000 - Low Frequency 134kHz Evaluation Kit

Series 2000 - Low Frequency S215B Evaluation Kit (NEW!!)

Series 2000 - Low Frequency Micro RFID Evaluation Kit

Series S4100 - Multi-Function Reader Evaluation Kit

Electro-Com Access Control Evaluation Kit (NEW!!)

X-Ident™ IQ Explorer - High Frequency Evaluation Kit

Hyper X™ - Long Range 2.45GHz Evaluation Kit

Gen 2 UHF RFID Evaluation Kit (NEW!!)



Electro-Com is the official distribution partner for Texas Instruments TI-RFID ™

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