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High Frequency RFID

Electro-Com distribute two high frequency 13.56MHz technology ranges,
-- TI-RFID™ smart labels, readers and antennas and
-- X-Ident™ smart labels.

TI-RFid™'s and X-Ident™'s high frequency RFID smart labels operate at 13.56 MHz. The paper-thin "Smart Labels" (also referred to as transponders) contain a miniature integrated circuit with an antenna that is etched on a thin piece of plastic film. These tags can be laminated between paper and plastic.

Texas Instruments has now broadened its line of Tag-it™ transponders with new memory, data protection and form-factor options.

Now offered in both 256 bit and 2,048 bit memory options, the expanded Tag-it HF-I line introduces new tracking and authentication capabilities that provide system integrators and application providers the flexibility to build a host of data protection and privacy functionality options into their RFID solutions. To read more, click here >>>

These 'smart labels' are suitable for high volume applications like:
Access Control
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Item level tracking
Wireless Payments
Express parcel identification and tracking
Photo Identification
Multi Authentication Access - biometrics.

Presentation: Click below
Smart Active Label with integrated temperature sensor

>>Smart label Product Ranges:
4 RFID HF tags
:: NEW!!! TI-RFID™ 13.56MHz smart labels NEW!!!
:: X-ident™smart labels
>>HF Reader and antenna Product Range:
STU-650 reader
:: TI-RFID™ readers and antennas

New: High Frequency Wrist Tag

RFID Reusable Silicon Wristband (above)
Durable, waterproof, silicon wristband equipped with ISO 15693 HF 13.56MHz RFID technology. Ideal for hands-free patron identification at theme parks, water parks, public swimming pools, season passes, sports timing, personnel access control, staff identification, electronic commerce and point of sale (POS) system applications. For more information, please contact us or view the datasheet.

Click here for case study on wristbands in theme parks
Click here for case study for age verification

Plastic, Vinyl and Tyvek® Wristbands
Plastic Wristbands
- Are waterproof and more durable and secure than Tyvek wristbands.
- Ideal for multi-day use and/or rugged wear.
- Feature a locking plastic snap to prevent transfer.
- Standard plastic wristbands offer vibrant, solid colour for supurb visibility and identification.

Vinyl Wristbands
- Vinyl wristbands are waterproof and more durable and secure than Tyvek® wristbands.
- Ideal for multi-day use and/or rugged wear.
- Feature a locking plastic snap to prevent transfer.
- Our standard vinyl wristbands offer vibrant, solid colour for supurb visibility and identification.

Tyvek® Wristbands
- Tyvek wristbands are economical, durable and tear resistant.
- Tyvek wristbands are ideal for quick and easy patron identification.
- Strong adhesive closure and unique tamper cuts cause wristbands to shred if tampered with. One time use only.

Click here to read articles on the applications of the wristbands in the U.S.

Smart bands for leisure & entertainment
Age ID & verification

Consumer Benefits of TI-RFID 13.56 MHz technology

13.56 MHz contactless read/write technology.
Offers you increased and advanced security over 125 KHz proximity systems.
The technology paves the way for advanced security features, encryption algorithms, biometrics, wireless payments and pharmaceutical/healthcare applications.
Each transponder has a unique tamper proof factory programmed ID code.
Faster data processing.
Supports Open Architecture, ISO/IEC 14443 and 15693 Standard compliant.
Up to 50 transponders can be read simultaneously per second with the anti-collision technology.
Low cost, ultra-thin, battery-less transponders can be easily converted into printed labels, embedded into source tags or laminated into personalized cards.
Information such as delivery checkpoints, place of origin and identification numbers can all be stored and locked in by the user.

13.56MHz RFID technology has been favoured over UHF RFID for applications such as pharmaceutical item tracking due to its lower interference rate, better anti-collision capabilities, smaller form factor and increased memory capabilities.

Electro-Com's RFID Knowledge & Experience

Electro-Com pride themselves in being knowledge leaders in RFID technology and its' developments. Unlike some of our competitors, our RFID Engineers have had over 15 years experience in the RFID industry and have worked for Texas Instruments for over 10 years.

Please contact Electro-Com on 1300 130 806 or email us for further information on our RFID range.

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