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Series 2000 Reader (Standard Reader)

Series 200 reader
RI-STU-MB6A RS422/485
High performance OEM reader module designed to drive a large range of standard and custom made antennas. The standard S2000 consists of two connected PCBs, a standard RF module (RI-RFM-104B) and a standard control module (RI-CTL-MB2A or -MB6A). It is widely used in industrial, agricultural and logistics applications for fixed position reading systems.
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Series 2000 S251B Reader


The S251B reader is supplied in a DIN rail mount IP56 enclosure. It incorporates a dynamic auto-tuning circuit, eliminating the need for antenna tuning, and provides all user controls via the front panel.

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Series 2000 High Performance Reader Modules

High performance reader
RI-RFM-007B High Performance RFM
The high performance module is intended to be used selectively in applications that require performance features not offered by the standard S2000 readers. It can be used with standard control modules (RI-CTL-MB2A or -MB6A), supplied separately, or custom made controllers.

The RFM-007 module provides slightly higher output to compensate for losses introduced by custom antennas with long leads etc.

The RFM-008 enables the reader antenna to be positioned up to 40 meters from the RF module. A tuning board RI-ACC-008B is mounted at each antenna location. The RFM-008 also provides the option of connecting up to 4 antennas via the RI-MOD-TX8A antenna multiplexer.
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Series 2000 Mini-RFM

LF mini
The mini-RFM is designed for use in medium read-range applications where space is limited, such as high performance hand-held readers. It is intended for use with customer designed control modules, although it can be used with standard control modules with some adaptation (connector not provided).
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Series 2000 Micro-Reader

LF micro reader
The microreader is a low-power module designed for use in portable, battery powered applications or electronic door locks etc. It is a small dual in-line PCB package and has a TTL level serial interface. It is widely used in applications where read range is not important and low power consumption is critical.
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Series 2000 Transceiver/Base Station ASICs

These base station ICs are designed for OEMs that wish to develop their own reader units for high volume production. Typically they are used in short-range/low power applications such as automotive immobiliser systems or electronic door locks etc. A high level of customer integration and design expertise is necessary. These ICs come in tape and reel packages with pack quantities of 1500 pcs (RI-RFM-006A) or 2500 pcs (RI-TMS3705).
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LF antenna LF gate antenna

Texas Instrument also has a range of antennas, to suit just about any application. A range of standard antennas are available for the Series 2000 readers. Alternatively Electro-Com can supply custom made antennas to suit your requirements, or can provide assistance to enable you to design your own antennas.

Antenna Types include: Small, Medium & Large gate antennas and Stick antennas.

The most common type of low frequency antenna is the standard gate antenna creating a magnetic field to charge up the transponders. The antennas are all tuned to approx 26-27uH. There are also two stick antennas available, one with 1meter cord and the other with a 3meter cord.
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