.:Axcess International Ships New Dot™ Wireless Corporate ID Card :.

February 8th , 2008

Long range RFID signals deliver efficiency, security and safety for automatic workforce management..

Axcess international Inc, a leading provider of wireless business activity monitoring solutions, today announced it is shipping a new type of corporate ID card with comprehensive capabilities. The multi-functional, long range wireless card, called Dot™ Credential, provides automatic "hands free" building access control for individuals or groups, contractor time and attendance data capture that feeds into existing workforce management (WFM) systems, electronic asset-custodian assignments that link a tagged asset to its owner's card and emergency evacuation personnel tracking to account for all persons in the event of a crisis. Compatible with existing access control system infrastructures, the Dot Credential interfaces easily with WFM systems and sells at a remarkably low price of $7.95 (MSRP) per card. Axcess's system has successfully been deployed in government and commercial industry including oil and gas plants, manufacturing facilities and office buildings.

Dot Credential: Multi-Functional, Long Range Wireless Card

By removing the need to present ID cards manually, Axcess's automated cards make access more convenient and faster for employees, thus dramatically improving security, safety and efficiency measures. The standard size card has a small battery, antenna and Dot chip embedded into it to enable long range automatic identification of personnel.

"Existing manual access card ID's provide no benefit after the employee enters the facility. Automated identification works from the time the employee or contractor enters until the time they leave," said Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess International. "With the dramatic increase in real time data, automated workforce management systems drive increased savings and better optimisation of labour resources. This combined with improved security and safety is an exciting and comprehensive new solution for business."

Employee-to-manager ratios have continued to increase, making it difficult to physically supervise personnel. The endless drive for greater efficiency in corporations requires an automated means. Axcess's solution is designed for the 21st century workplace and its numerous situations that mandate automated identification.

- Using Axcess's automated ID cards for access control allows employees to start work sooner, giving them more time to be productive. In the case of larger workforces, the savings can amount to as much as a 10% improvement in productivity.

- Less supervision has given rise to employee-based security threats, making Dot's automated security necessary. Dot ensures employees are in the right position all the time.

- Dot automatically protects key physical assets such as laptops containing critical data.

- The card automatically captures contractor time and attendance, reducing over-billing. Case studies have shown a savings of 14% of contractor costs using automated systems.

- By automatically monitoring worker output, service employee workloads have been successfully optimised thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

- Recent safety incidents and terrorist concerns now require an automated means like Dot Credential to account for personnel leaving a building in an emergency.

- Compliance with safety laws is more readily achieved with automated systems, and workplace liability is significantly reduced.

Automated wireless ID's offer the only reliable solution to meet todays WFM needs.

Dot Platform: World's Smallest, Most Powerful, Lowest Cost Battery-Powered Wireless Computer

Dot, based on a revolutionary system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology design, is the world's smallest, most powerful, lowest cost battery-powered wireless computer. Dot's flexibility allows it to take many forms to suit specific needs. Beyond the wireless corporate ID, Dot technology serves as the heart of many new and innovative products from Axcess such as a long range bar code, an electronic property tag, a vehicle identification tag, an electronic cargo container seal, a wireless sensor transmitter and limitless other uses.

Axcess's invention combines a processor, memory and wireless communications into one chip about the size of a single grain of rice. It is as powerful as the first personal digital assistants (PDA's). It runs for years on a watch battery, stores at least three pages of information and communicates to the world at high speed, all at a cost of only a few dollars each.

Dot solutions are based on a micro-wireless system implementation that fits seamlessly into, yet operates seperately underneath, the corporate network to operate efficiently and non-disruptively. 'Dot-ting' the enterprise generates a real time "wireless intelligence." Dot technology incorporates a battery powered, software definable wireless transceiver that is compatible with multiple global regulations, including the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class I and Gen II (passive Radio Frequency Identification [RFID]) standard and is also expected to make supply chain tagging more reliable. Dot combines the beneficial elements of today's monolithic technologies such as RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing into a single, low cost chip.

Dot is a one-of-a-kind hybrid, a single wireless source, common to multiple industry standards and supporting virtually all industries including the enterprise, financial services, education, manufacturing, government, military, utiliti.

es, petrochemical and petroleum operations. Memory and sensor inputs enable the Dot to be tailored to each specific data capture need. Dot is not only a better solution for access control badges, but also a better solution for passive RFID product tags, active RFID asset tags, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and distributed sensor transmitters. Bringing together the new functions of Dot and building on the current Axcess micro-wireless infrastructure for enterprise management creates an open architecture for multiple sources of data to support the comprehensive needs for automatic identification.

The active RFID and RTLS portions of Dot's capabilities are built on and are backwardly compatible with the existing Axcess 433 MHz platform, which automatically activates tags on-demand to transmit micro-wireless messages as needed from 1 to 300 feet to hidden palm-size receivers, The receivers are connected via standard networked (either 802.11X wireless or wired) simultaneously to the enterprise system software and the existing security alarm equipment. The system supports standalone middleware and end-user software provided by axcess under the e-Supervisor™ label or via an easy connection to third party middleware and software solutions.

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