.:Axcess International introduces industry's first smart wireless sticker™ :.

April 10th , 2008

Axcess international Inc, a leading provider of wireless business activity monitoring solutions, today announced the industries first Smart Wireless Sticker™. It provides automatic item identification, locating, tracking, protecting, data logging and condition sensing for items from up to a 1000 feet away at a cost of less than $10 each. The "wireless computer on a sticker" combines traditional bar codes, Electronic Product Code (EPC) RFID, long range RFID tracking and wireless sensing in a small electronic label easily adhered to almost any object. It is designed to enhance data management in product manufacturing, product automatic identification in shipping, automatic inventory and protection of enterprise assets and visibility into the condition of perishables and pharmaceuticals throughout the shipping process.

Imagine a peel and stick wireless computer applied to your cars windshield, warehouse boxes, palettes, laptops, perishable shipments and more. Not only has Axcess introduced a wireless computer in the form of the industry's first Smart Wireless Sticker, but also it has developed the smallest wireless computer to combine the following capabilities.

- Printing on the sticker for visual identification
- Bar code application for short range manual identification
- Electronic Product Code (EPC) - standard passive wireless RFID communications supporting applications in the retail supply chain including the Wal-Mart® mandate
- Long range active wireless communications for automobile identification, tracking, sensing and protection
- Short range active wireless read/write manifesting that tracks the history of equipment repair
- Temperature sensing, data logging and wireless transfer of the condition of produce, IT equipment and other temperature sensitive items

This significant, low-cost introduction to the wireless market offers numerous advantages, including:

- Easy to program electronically
- Easily and reliably adhered to items, boxes, assets and vehicles
- Communicates simultaneously to multiple standards-based infrastructures.
- Tamper resistant and reusable, if needed
- Stores data and transmits in real time over a low cost
- Stores and forwards user defined programmable information
- Tag wakes up and sends alerts at designated temperature ranges
- Pinpoints where perishables went bad to assign accountability
- Rich feature/function set for a revolutionary price point under $10

Sensors added to Axcess's Dot platform

By adding a condition monitoring sensor to its platform and developing the Smart Wireless Sticker, Axcess has solved the industries problem of the size and placement of sensors, getting data off sensors and the cost of sensors.

The following scenarios exemplify two of countless situations in which the Smart Wireless Sticker will improve the way business is done today.

Problem solved for perishable food
A shipment of bananas is tracked from a warehouse on a truck en route to its destination. The "wireless computer on the sticker" logs the temperatures en route. When the shipment reaches the distribution centre dock door, the stored data is automatically off-loaded and processed by the system, indicating a spike in temperature occured along the way and alerting personnel that the shipment's freshness has been comprised. Clear accountability is documented for every shipment.

Problem solved for data centres
A data center is wirelessly monitoring its server inventory, tracking any movements and detecting any unwarranted temperature changes with the equipment. As often happens, a server begins to fail and overheat. The "wireless computer on the sticker" wakes up and sends an alert to designeted persons. The server's functions are off-loaded, thereby avoiding any service impact to customers and further maintenance issues for the company.

"Industry has a common set of requirements for wirelessly enabling things in the enterprise to improve efficiency, productivity, security and safety," stated Allan Griebenow, Axcess International's CEO and President. "Bar Code product data needs to be identifiable via wireless over longer ranges. Assets need to be located, tracked, inventoried and protected automatically. Sensing needs to be portable and available on discrete products. Until now, industry had conceived of something called a Smart Active Label or SAL. The Smart Wireless Sticker leapfrogs that by delivering short and long range wireless communications plus sensor logging, all combined in a very small, very low cost, easy to attach, standards-based wireless sticker."

About Axcess International

Axcess International delivers wireless intelligence through real-time business activity monitoring solutions that improve productivity, security, safety and revenue growth. The systems derive wireless intelligence from automatic advanced workforce management, workflow management, asset monitoring and distributed sensing. Its revolutionary and patented Dot micro-wireless technology platform combines RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing for better decision-making and control throughout the enterprise.

For further information on our range or if you would like a quote, please contact Electro-Com on 1300 130 806, sales@electrocom.com.au or visit www.electrocom.com.au .





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