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Melbourne, Australia. (March 31, 2005)

EPCglobal Inc. gave industry executives involved in radio frequency identification projects a much anticipated holiday gift on Thursday 16 December 2004, when the nonprofit organization chartered to drive standards for RFID technology reported its 15 member board has approved the EPCglobal UHF Generation 2 specification.

The decision marks a milestone for the industry group that chaired the standard based on consensus from more than 60 technology companies and government agencies worldwide. The UHF Gen 2 standard will provide the platform on which future products for passive RFID technology are built. “The process was tough, but it forced many productive discussions and in the end everyone wanted a converged standard that users know is interoperable,” says Mike Meranda, president of EPCglobal U.S.

"This is the most significant event in our history, it opens the door for a large number of manufacturers to make Gen 2 products quickly. It allows for global interoperability [of EPC systems] and creates a single converged standard. End users won't have to worry about using Class 1 or Class 2 or ISO 18000-6A or 18000-6B." says Meranda.

The vendors who participated in the demonstration tests prior to validation were Dallas Texas-based Texas Instruments RFID (TI-RFID™), Monsey, NY-based Applied Wireless Identification; Seattle, Wash. - based Impinj; Everett, Wash.-based Intermec and Philips Semiconductor, based in The Netherlands.

Chester Lennard , Managing Director of Electro -Com hopes to have UHF EPC Gen 2 product ready for distribution shortly. “We are hoping to have prototype product available in the 2 nd quarter of 2005 and tags ready for distribution in 3 rd quarter 2005”, says Chester Lennard . “Texas Instruments are currently working on the Gen 2 UHF tag technology and we should also see UHF Gen 2 tags from German RFID label manufacturer X-Ident™ around the same time. Electro -Com and X-Ident™ are currently offering Gen 1 UHF tags for cardboard, paper and plastic surfaces.”

Electro -Com are keeping on the forefront of EPCglobal and RFID technology developments by being actively involved in a number of RFID industry groups and associations such as Automatic Data Capture Association (ADCA ) and the newly formed and government funded Victorian RFID Cluster, RFID Action Australia.

Electro -Com are the sole authorized distributors for Texas Instruments TI-RFID range (including low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency tags and readers) and X-Ident™ smart label products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“There is an extraordinary amount of hype out there at the moment with regards to RFID,” says Chester Lennard , “Everyone seems to be jumping on the RFID bandwagon and promising the world. It is important that you do your research and be cautious of over promises of the RFID technology and its providers. RFID is a remarkable technology with massive potential however; it is not without limitations and implementation complications. I believe it is of the up most importants to be honest with customers and end users and inform them of what is and what is not possible. Nevertheless 2005 will be a great year for RFID.”

About Electro-Com ( Australia ) Pty Ltd

Electro-Com is Australian owned and operated company located in Melbourne , Australia . Electro -Com is a leading supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and tags to markets such as animal identification, access control and logistics management and is a leading supplier of Electro -mechanical components, control products, electrical switchgear and electronic enclosures. For more information, visit the company's website at www.rfid.com.au .
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