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13.56MHz Readers from Electro-Com and Texas Instruments

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Key Features
Electro-Com's readers are the only reader available as a reader, writer and programmer.
Fully compliant to ISO 15693 (Identify, View, Program & Lock).
Compliant to ISO 14443-A (Read Only - serial number of MIFARE cards).
Is the only reader compliant to ISO 15693-3, for multi-card reading (supports anti-collision).
Open Protocol: Universal 26 to 64-bit Wiegand format and RS-485.
RS-485 Point to Point and Multi-drop protocol (addressable readers).
Firmware Download: Field upgradeable through the RS-485 interface (point to point only)
Synchronisation: Multi-drop using RS-485 with reader addressability.
Wiring & protocol are compatible with most existing access control panels and control board solutions.
Plug ?n' Play capability.
Self testing diagnostics.
High reliability and long life in both indoor and outdoor situations.
Firmware: generic packet protocol structure and DES algorithm with 64-bit keying.
Multiple baud rates available: 9600, 19200 and 38400 (default).
Read, write, program and/or lock data onto the card or tag (eg TI key fob or adhesive label).
Increased security with unique tamper-proof card UID code and 64-bit encryption between card and reader
Simultaneous multi-card reading (anti-collision).
Advanced security features like encryption algorithms, biometric authentication and wireless payments, which is a significant advancement over 125 kHz systems.

13.56 MHz Reader Range

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Proximity Readers
>>Secura Key Access Control Reader   >>Secura Key Mullion Access Control Reader
>> Long Range Reader Module (housed including power supply) ID.ISC.LR2000

Datasheet: FEIG Device Provider for Microsoft Biztalk RFID
  >> Long Range Reader Module
>> Feig ™Vicinity/Proximity Reader ID.ISC.MO2B   >> Feig™ Mid Range Reader
>> Feig™ Proximity Reader ID.ISC.PR101   >> Feig™ Hand Held Reader
>> Feig™ 8 times Multiplexer Reader    

There is a full range of FEIG readers and antennas available, please see the below links:

Proximity Readers
Midrange Readers
Midrange Antennas
Long Range Readers
Long Range Antennas

TI-RFID™ technology Access Control Reader Range

The All-In-One Reader, Writer & Programmer for 13.56MHz RFID Smart Cards! Complete access control units making your choice simple! Electro-Com's all-in-one: 13.56MHz Access Control reader/writer and programmer.

Our new series of easy-to-use, simple, and affordable contactless smart card readers are designed for applications ranging from simple to complex. The 13.56MHz technology provides peace of mind through application support, consistent performance and more choice than ever.

TI-RFID's 13.56MHz technology readers are the only access control readers fully compliant to ISO 15693-3 which enables them to have anti-collision capabilities and therefore faster read rates, which means processing more people quickly and accurately which is an important factor during the early work day crunch and critical during emergencies.

Electro-Com's 13.56MHz readers also create a fast and precise multi-card read zone, eliminating read interference common when two or more prox cards are in the same read field.

TI-RFid™ Special Readers

>> Series 6000 S6700 Multi-protocol Transceiver IC
>> Series 4100 Multi-Function Reader Module

S6000 Gate Antenna

S6000 Gate Antenna

Standard 50 ohm gate antenna.

Click here for a full range of FEIG antennas

"Try our HF (13.56 MHz) Evaluation Kit" - NEW

S6400 Access Control Evaluation Kit

Enables integrators to rapidly incorporate 13.56 MHz contactless technology into existing security applications, as well as design it into new applications.
The kit offers read/write capability through RS-485 serial data communications,
Still offers backwards compatibility with the widely adopted Wiegand Protocol standard.
Kit includes: Wall Plate reader, mullion reader, RS485 to RS232 converter, universal power supply and CD-Rom.

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Electro-Com is the official distribution partner for Texas Instruments™
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