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UHF EPC Gen2 is here!!!
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Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology is the newest member of our RFID product family. UHF RFID operates between 860MHz to 960MHz band width and varies from region to region. Australia has specified 918-926MHz, the US has specified 915MHz and Europe 868MHz for RFID applications.

The non-profit organisation EPCglobal who is chartered to drive standards for RFID technology approved the EPCglobal UHF Generation 2 specification in December 2004. This decision marks a milestone for EPCglobal who chaired the standard based on consensus from more than 60 technology companies and government agencies worldwide. The UHF Gen2 standard will provide the platform on which future products for passive RFID technology are built.


The Gen2 specification is seen as the most significant event in EPCglobal's history. It is believed that it opens the door for a large number of manufacturers to make Gen 2 products quickly. It allows for global interoperability [of EPC systems] and creates a single converged standard. End users won't have to worry about using equipment specified for Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, ISO 18000-6A or 18000-6B UHF standards.

Electro-Com are keeping at the forefront of EPC standards and local and overseas RFID technology developments by being actively involved in a number of RFID industry groups and associations such as Automatic Data Capture Association (ADCA) and the newly formed and government funded Victorian RFID Cluster.

UHF RFID is ideally targeted towards supply chain and logistics applications and is considered to be better suited for reading pallets and cases from portal or conveyor antennas, while the HF technology's shorter read range allows for a more well-defined read zone. HF is better suited for item-level applications.

Datasheet>> TI-UHF Strap
Datasheet>> Wave Zero Leprechaun Inlay
Datasheet>> Wave Zero Dallas Inlay

NEW TI-RFID EPC GEN 2 CHIP - Latest News from TI

Texas Instruments is pleased to introduce its EPC Gen 2 chip, an advanced silicon design that improves tag performance and facilitates the visibility and movement of supply chain goods.
* Increased chip-to-reader sensitivity for higher performance.
* Now shipping in volume production.
* Chips and straps available for inlay, label and packaging manufacturers.

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UHF White papers

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Click here for the latest whitepaper from TI - Practical Performance expectations for smart packaging.(15-12-06)

Click here for the latest Whitepaper from WaveZero - Low cost production of RFID tags


"Electro-Com, an EPC Global Australia member, is proud to have supported the "Patties to Montague EPC/RFID Pilot - Case Study", managed by GS1 Australia. The project is believed to be the first supply chain application of EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID technology in Australia. Electro-Com supplied the RFID tags and reader hardware which was intergrated by our solutions partner Matthews Intelligent Identification. In another first for the local industry, the Gen 2 RFID hardware was deployed under extreme cold chain conditions of sub-zero temperatures, with frozen produce, ice and condensation to contend with. The technology came through with flying colours.

For this project Electro-Com recommended and supplied Gen 2 UHF RFID inlays from Texas Instruments, laminated into X-ident "IQ-Paper" smart labels and FEIG long range UHF reader equipment. Electro-Com is the authorised distributor for Texas Instruments Inc "TI-RFID" (USA), X-ident Technology GmbH (Germany) and FEIG Electronic GmbH (Germany)

Project participants included GS1 Australia, Patties Foods, Montague Cold Storage, Matthews Australasia and Verisign. For full details please click here.


| Texas Instruments™ EPC Gen2 UHF Technology |

Texas Instruments TI-RFid™ have developed UHF RFID tags for supply chain and logistics applications that meet the EPC Gen2 standards developed by EPCglobal.

EPC UHF RFID technology adds the capabilities to change and update the information on each tag as it proceeds through various points in the supply chain. This provides new levels of up-to-date information for better decision making.

"After all the marketing hype and technology claims, what you really need is a partner who can deliver an RFID-EPC solution that's ready today ? and who'll be there to support you tomorrow. Texas Instruments RFid Systems and its Team Tag-it? partners are synonymous with deploying innovative RFID applications. TI 's semiconductor manufacturing prowess, and global reach have produced RFID solutions that have helped companies like Marks & Spencer, Gap Inc., Figleaves.com and Goldwin Sportswear build real returns on their RFID investment."

The newest and most advanced of the EPCglobal RFID specifications for the UHF band centered around 900 MHz, EPC Gen 2 overcomes limitations of EPCglobal's older Class 0 and Class 1 specifications, providing enhanced features and improved performance such as robust operation in high-density reader environments, compliance with global spectrum regulations, superior tag throughput, enhanced security, privacy
and robustness.

TI-RFid™ for Your EPC Supply Chain
The Retail Supply Chain is ready for the transformational efficiencies that can be made possible with RFID technology. The Texas Instruments EPC Gen 2 solutions, designed to connect the links in the global supply chain, enable retailers, CPGs , label converters and reader manufacturers to improve production processes, develop infrastructure interoperability enhancements, and create advanced packaging solutions for the retail stores of the future.

Texas Instruments is the RFID technology leader delivering the promise of a global EPC Gen 2 solution in the 860-960 MHz frequency range. With over 8 years in smart label production systems expertise, TI has the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing scalability to meet the demands of the world-wide supply chain market and to ensure interoperability across the EPC-enabled retail and CPG infrastructure.

Download>> TI-RFID UHF Inlay Data sheet
TI-RFID UHF Strap Data sheet
Download>> Gen 2 IC Product bulletin

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| X-Ident™ UHF Smart-Label Technology |

X-ident™ smart-label UHF Paper and Film labels are built for universal use. X-ident™ offer them in two forms, for plastic and cardboard. Film labels are ideal for harsh environments (reusable containers). Paper labels are available for general applications (cardboard packaging).

The UHF technology is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications in different environments such as tagging cardboard packages, plastic transport boxes or labeling shrink film on pallets.

X-ident™ UHF paper and film labels are designed and tested to be used with most of the leading RFID printers/label converters.

X-ident™ manufacture EPC Class 0, Class 1 and Gen2 UHF labels.
UHF "Smart-label" passive tag format.
Compatible with thermal transfer printers.
Enhanced read-range over 13.56MHz.
Transponders are available in read-only or read/write memory capability.
UHF tag antennas are specially designed for optimized and maximum performance and orientation insensitivity.

Download>> X-ident™ UHF Data sheet

Electro-Com's RFID Knowledge & Experience

Electro-Com pride themselves in being knowledge leaders in RFID technology and its' developments. Unlike some of our competitors, our RFID Engineers have had over 15 years experience in the RFID industry and have worked for industry leaders such as Texas Instruments.

For further information on how Electro-Com can assist you with a UHF RFID solution, please email us or call Electro-Com on 1300 130 806.

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