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  • Payment Systems
    Payment Systems Smart and secure RFID technology solutions for the Business to Consumer (B2C), and automatic payment kiosk, and vending machine markets.
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  • Animal Identification
    Animal Identification RFID technology helps farmers round up stock more efficiently, provide feed and water at optimal locations, and handle basic health monitoring.
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  • RFID Equipment
    RFID Equipment Electro-Com is Australia's leading specialist distributor of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment, Sensors and Controls.
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  • Sensors & Controls
    Sensors & Controls Electro-Com distributes a wide range of quality electro-mechanical devices, sensors and controls, in accordance with customer requirements.
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    ACCESS CONTROL Our state-of-the-art electronic locking and security systems offer flexible and functional access control with a wide choice of software options.
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  • Asset Management
    Asset Management RFID products offer network-based management tools designed to identify, locate and track your mission critical people and assets
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  • RFID Applications The applications of RFID technology are limitless
  • Sensors & Controls High quality components, sensors and controls
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Australia's leading wholesale distributor of RFID, Sensors and Controls

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Personalised your RFID cards. Electro-Com can now print your cards in-house.

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Feig Blade ReaderNFC

HF Blade Reader by Feig

The ID ISC.PRH200 is a compact, wireless handheld reader, designed for contactless data exchange with ISO 15693 especially in libraries. Typical applications are: Inventory, searching of media, seeking for media, and automatic checking/rewriting of the AFI bytes of all media.

Further applications are laundries, logistical processes as well as document and asset management. In these areas, it is possible to work with ISO 18000-3M3 transponders, optionally.

Depending on the type of media and the reading distance, the output power can be switched between two levels (standard mode: 1.5 W and boost mode: 4 W). Power supply is a lithium Ion rechargeable battery that allows for operating times up to 16 hours

5 multi-coloured LED lights and an integrated sounder act as display elements. Thereby all relevant states are visible on both sides of the device

Communication with a database or computer is through a WLAN interface on the reader, that supports the most common encryption protocols

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Kennards Hire partners with Electro-Com

In the current fast-paced market, companies need to evolve their processes to remain in the lead. For Kennards Hire, a move to RFID technology improved its customer transaction times at the point of sale - giving employees more face time with the customers. It’s no wonder Kennards Hire has been awarded the Rental Company of the Year by the Hire and Rental Industry Association.

Enhancing customer transactions using RFID Technology

Kennards Hire needed to improve its customer transactions by finding a faster and more secure way of verifying its employees’ ID at the point of sale. With over 1000 plus staff this meant a significant impact on the large volume of customer transactions that were being processed daily across its 149 Australian sites.

Streamlining employee identification to improve customer service

As each customer transaction required the staff member’s name and ID details, the manual process of logging in was not only time consuming and cumbersome, but was inefficient. Kennards needed a simpler and more effective way of capturing this information and speeding up the transactions. Through its partnership with Electro-Com, a Melbourne-based distributor and expert in RFID equipment, Kennards was able to implement a solution that best suited its environment.

The company installed a compact AceProx RFID HF reader at every point of sale (POS) register and equipped each employee with a Mifare HF RFID wristband with their unique identification data. Identification was instantaneous. By simply scanning the wristband to the reader, processing times of customers’ paperwork were greatly reduced.

Partnering with leading specialist supplier in RFID

Kennards’ partnership with Electro-Com re-affirms this leading RFID equipment distributor’s long-standing commitment to providing excellent customer service, technical support and high operational standards. Electro-Com’s experience in RFID technology made them an ideal partner for Kennards. Their RFID technical support team was on hand to advise Kennards with the right RFID component solutions to suit their requirements and provided Kennard’s integration team with back-up support and guidance when needed to successfully roll-out this time saving system across all 149 Australian outlets.

When asked about the improvements the new identification systems makes, Sean Gurr, Kennards Branch Manager, Richmond Branch said “It makes our job a lot quicker and easier and, importantly, speeds up the transaction for the customer. Instead of keying logins we just swipe. It also eliminates the possibility of making a mistake”.

Electro-Com has been supplying RFID equipment - including tags and readers - to integrators and solution providers for nearly 15 years. It has built a reputation for not only sourcing and supplying the best available products to suit the client, but also for providing expert guidance and technical back up during the integration process.

Invengo Logo

PRESS RELEASE: Australia’s top RFID distributor Electro-Com joins Invengo’s InPower program

Singapore, 25 April 2016 – Invengo Technology is pleased to announce that Electro-Com (Australia) Pty Ltd has joined the Invengo InPower Channel program as an authorized distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Electro-Com, established in 2000, is Australia’s leading specialist distributor of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and equipment. Electro-Com serves various RFID markets including animal/livestock identification, access control, automotive applications, supply chain, asset management, healthcare, library systems and sports timing. With over twenty-five years of in-house RFID industry experience and with its solid reputation and leading position in Australia, Electro-Com is in an excellent position to ensure fast and reliable delivery of Invengo’s state-of-the-art RFID products in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Edward Lu, Sales Director at Invengo, comments: “We are very pleased to have Electro-Com on board as our InPower distributor for Invengo’s RFID product portfolio for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Electro-Com is a seasoned expert in RFID hardware and equipment and is well-known in the market for its professional technical advice, excellent service and local inventory capability. We are confident that Electro-Com can provide the added value that customers in these markets increasingly demand.”

Chester Lennard, CEO of Electro-Com, comments: “We are very excited to join the InPower Program. Invengo’s extensive range of quality UHF RAIN RFID and/NFC tags, inlays and handheld Windows mobile RFID devices in particular complement our existing range of products. We can now offer our integration partners a comprehensive, one-stop RFID hardware solution. We look forward to presenting Invengo’s RFID products for the first time on our stand at CeBIT Australia 2016, Sydney Olympic Park, May 2nd – 4th.”

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Access Control

Electro-Com RFID solutions can control access to vehicles, buildings, events and computers via the use of badges, cards, tags, wristbands, proximity readers and biometrics.

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Asset Management

Electro-Com RFID solutions can be used to automate and error-proof the tracking of your mission-critical people and assets. Delivering a wealth of business benefits.

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Payment Systems

Industry leading, smart and secure RFID technology solutions for the Business to Consumer (B2C), and automatic payment (Kiosk/ Vending) markets from Electro-Com.

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Animal ID

RFID technology from Electro-Com helps farmers round up stock more efficiently, provide feed and water at optimal locations, and handle basic health monitoring needs.

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