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Electro-Com: Community & Environment

We Only Have One Planet….

At Electro-Com we aren't irrational greenies or social crusaders, but we are acutely aware of our responsibilities as corporate citizens and temporary caretakers of our small part of this unique planet.

We rather like the world that we live in and the people that we share it with! We therefore strive to treat our community and our environment with the respect that they deserve, treading lightly with the objective of creating a better place for future generations.

The technological products and services that we supply help to make many industries more productive and efficient, but we also contribute in other ways. We can't change the world overnight but we can do our little bit to help nudge it in the right direction! Why not join us?

The Environment - Carbon Neutral

Electro-Com actively monitors the use of energy and resources to minimize waste wherever possible. We participate and contribute to approved and proven carbon offset programs for the re-establishment of diverse, multi-species forests. These natural carbon sinks largely compensate for our corporate use of electrical energy, motor vehicles and transportation. At the same time these new growth forests help endangered wildlife species to flourish, reinvigorate severely degraded agricultural land and create a natural environment for everybody to enjoy!

(Alternatively we could just sit back and wait for our governments to agree on a solution. But are they likely to get it right, and who can wait that long!? We think our approach is more likely to make a real difference!)

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As an Australian owned and operated company we recognise that we are fortunate to live and work in one of the world's best locations! (OK, we are just a little bit biased…!) But there are still many in our communities that need support and assistance. We strongly believe that the future of our nation and indeed the planet, is dependent on the children and youth of today. We need to give them every opportunity to learn and grow, to achieve their full potential.

Many millions of people around the world struggle on a daily basis to access the necessities of life. Natural disasters, wars, famine and disease are commonplace for many. We support aid programs that give these communities the ability to rebuild their lives and create sustainable, self-sufficient communities.

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