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Electronic Integrated HVAC Control

We offer custom electronic solutions for the HVAC/R equipment manufacturer. With a portfolio of over 100 unique electronic control solutions, we offer a broad product base to fit even the most unique application needs.

We distribute Sensata (formally a division of Texas Instruments) electronic controls for all HVAC/R applications including gas ignition, defrost control, electric heat and fan sequencing, system monitoring, and compressor control and protection.

  • ½" Disc Thermostats
  • High Power Thermostats
  • Sealed Thermostats
  • Strip-Disc Thermostats
  • Time Delay Relays
  • Thermal Cutouts

HEATING Controls

  • Pilot Duty
    • Gas / Oil Furnaces (US)
    • Flame Rollout / Vent Safety
    • Primary / Auxiliary Limit
    • Appliance
    • Gas Boilers (EU)
  • Line Break
    • Electric Furnaces
    • Sequencers
    • Thermal Limit Controls
    • Supplemental Electric Heat
    • Duct Heaters - Thermal Limit Controls

Cooling Controls

  • Pilot Duty
    • Heat Pump/ Commercial Refrigeration
    • Defrost Termination
    • Compressor Discharge Limit
    • Packaged Commercial Cooling
    • Evaporator "Freeze Stat"
  • Line Break
    • Dehumidifier
    • Cycle Compressor
    • Commercial Refrigeration
    • Defrost Termination