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Humidity & gas Sensors

Sensata technologies air quality and humidity sensors provide advanced sensing solutions for tomorrows building automation market. The climate control industry is driven by the need for fast, reliable and affordable sensors for monitoring thermal, gas and humidity levels. These sensors can control the entire atmosphere of a building while creating or maintaining the highest degree of environmental comfort and safety.

Accurate gas detection is what Sensata's air quality sensor is all about. It contains electro-chemical sensing cells that detect unhealthy gases like nitrogen oxides as well as a wide variety of volatile organic compounds which build up smells. In addition, Sensata also offer sensors, which use innovative thin-film technology, to set the standard for automatic temperature and relative humidity control.

Typical applications:

  • Comfort control in commercial and residential air conditioning units
  • System optimization of commercial refrigeration and air compressor applications
  • Safety process equipment (eg. food transportation, processing and storage)
  • Indoor air quality control