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RFID Asset management

Electro-com supply RFID asset management hardware and solutions which allow our customers to enjoy faster, seamless and reliable transactions. Our proven RFID technologies can be used in libraries, ticketing, document management and more. Adopters of RFID asset management solutions benefit from fast wireless transactions that deliver high return on investment (ROI).

There are many different means of asset management. It often depends on what type of asset is involved. Whatever method you choose, there are many similar things that your asset management system should entail:

  • Optimize asset use and maintenance by making assets as accurate, reliable, and efficient as possible.
  • Reducing the demand for new assets and create business savings by using demand management techniques and maintaining your current assets.
  • Use asset tracking throughout the life of the asset: knowing where the asset is at all times, how much the asset is worth, and how much the asset initially cost you.
  • Evaluating and monitoring asset options: the cost of maintaining, producing, the use of it, etc.
  • Ensure field sales and field service personnel function at their optimum.

Wholly Australian-owned, Electro-Com pride themselves in being knowledge leaders in RFID technology and its' developments. Unlike some of our competitors, our RFID Engineers have had over 15 years experience in the RFID industry and have worked for Texas Instruments for over 10 years.

Please contact us if you need assistance in implementing an asset manangement strategy at your business.