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Electro-Com have a range of HF 13.56MHz products specifically designed for healthcare applications such as laundry tags, adhesive labels, as well as  RFID tags and readers for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare applications.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently faced with issues such as logistic product recalls and product returns due to overstocking or expiry (which costs drug companies more than 2.7billion US dollars annually) and counterfeit products (which makes up to 7% of all pharmaceutical products in the international supply chain).

The pharmaceutical industry is seeking a better way to monitor the drug supply through the whole product life cycle, from manufacture to the medicine cabinet. RFID is seen as a way of solving these issues by ensuring the validity of data in the industry which will in turn improve product quality and safety and reduce costs.

Suppliers to the medical industry, including surgical instrument and garment suppliers; and healthcare institutions managing pathology and patient identification, are investigating the viability and reliability of 13.56MHz HF technology and they are seeing significant return in the field.

The 13.56MHz RFID technology is seen as the best technology for item level tagging based on reduced interference, better anti-collision capabilities, smaller form factor and increased memory capabilities compared to technologies such as UHF.

RFID transponders/tags are available in label form or the transponder can be integrated directly into the cardboard during the manufacturing process.

See Electro-Com's range of High Frequency 13.56MHz products from the TI-RFid™ and X-Ident™.

Want to find out more about RFID possibilites in healthcare?

Electro-Com pride ourselves in being knowledge leaders in RFID technology and it's developments. Unlike some of our competitors, our RFID Engineers have had over 15 years experience in the RFID industry and have worked for Texas Instruments for over 10 years.

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