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RFID Sports Timing

Coordinating the times of thousands of runners during a race is no longer a marathon task! RFID sports timing systems based on TI-RFid technology, by Texas Instruments, can collect perfect timing data at major marathons around the world from Melbourne to Manly. RFID Race Timing Systems have transponder timing bands which attach around the runners ankle with a RFID transponder built into the timing band. The timing starts when the band passes over an antenna at the starting line. The process is completed as the runner crosses an antenna at the finish line.

How does the technology work?

The RFID sports timing device is a small glass RFID transponder in a specially designed plastic housing, containing a unique identification number. The RFID transponder is a waterproof glass capsule that contains a chip and an energising coil.

There are no batteries in the RFID transponder. The transponder is inactive until it passes through the field generated by the mat at the designated read points. When the transponder enters the magnetic field, the transponder transmits its unique identification number to the reader in a mat. The entire process takes approximately 60 milliseconds.

RFID Sports Timing Technology:

  • Wide acceptance at some of the world's most prestigious running events
  • Ability to track individual times; important for runners minutes away from starting line
  • Guards against cheaters by placing antennas at interim points
  • Can be used in all active sport events including triathlons, bike races, and ski events - one tag can be used for all these events.
  • Data captured from the transponders, loads to Internet for everyone to access.
  • The transponders can be used in all weather conditions.

There are two different technologies that can be used for sports timing. The low frequency 134.2KHz glass capsule transponders and the high frequency 13.56MHz label transponders.

Please contact us if you need assistance in implementing an RFID sports timing solution.