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RFID Ticketing

RFID Ticketing solutions from Electro-Com can cater to any number of your ticketing needs.

When RFID is used to ticket sports events, concerts, mass transit, travel visas, passports or other applications the difficult processes and systems surrounding ticket issue and validation are streamlined.

RFID card transponders can be issued to individual customers and enabled for specific time periods; and tickets can be read remotely to increase throughput at entrances and gates.

Electro-Com can supply wristbands which can serve as highly-visible, non-transferable wrist tickets worn by your patrons with a securely sealed RFID tag inside to reliably store and transfer data. RFID wristbands can be used to manage general admission or special access (VIP rooms/areas, press passes, reserved seats, etc.), and allow your staff to see if patrons are where they should be.

Assisting to enhance your bottom line and improve security and convenience.

Please contact us if you need assistance in implementing a ticketing strategy for your events or organisation.