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A revolution in healthcare!



Have incremental developments using RFID brought, by stealth, a potential revolution in healthcare?

Sometimes developments happen incrementally until they reach a critical point where significant benefits suddenly become available in a cost effective way.

Health RFID=

The number of areas where RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be used in healthcare to reduce costs as well as improve standards, compliance, patient care, and staff effectiveness have been ballooning over recent times.

We are all familiar with the use of RFID to manage access control, assets and even monitor patient’s movements. Most large healthcare organisations have been utilising many of the above, if not all, for some time now.

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Leading the way for Australian Manufacturing.

G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd trading as ‘Black Snake (Aust)’ is showing that Australian manufacturing companies can still win export business by designing, and manufacturing, solid, proven, ‘fit for purpose’ products that do the job better than the competition.

And one of the ways they have of ensuring the quality of their products, as well as providing excellent in-field support, is through the use of RFID tags to identify and track their products.

black snake

Background to G.L.B. ‘Black Snake’ Strops

Black Snake was established in January 2002 as an Australian manufacturer of recovery strops designed specifically for vehicle recovery and towing.

The use of specially engineered manufacturing equipment allows them to construct a range of specialised, as well as custom made, recovery strops for mining, industrial, military and recreational requirements. The outcome is that Black Snake has become an increasingly sought after supplier of recovery strops in Australia and overseas.

Product development is continuing and custom products are being fabricated every day to meet customers’ requirements. The new production facility, with recently increased capacity, has supported their expansion to meet the needs of a growing export market.


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Portfolio expands with a large selection of mobile AutoID products

Weilburg, 28. February 2018 – FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH strategically acquires a core competency in the field of mobile contactless data collection by acquiring the AutoID equipment specialist advanced PANMOBIL systems GmbH & Co. KG. ).

“By acquiring PANMOBIL, FEIG ELECTRONIC expands its product line of LF, HF and UHF RFID hardware with mobile AutoID devices optimized for use in logistics and manufacturing operations,” reports Eldor Walk, Managing Director, FEIG ELECTRONIC. “At the same time, FEIG expands into the field of barcode technology which is a great compliment to our RFID portfolio.”

Metso Mining=

As a new business field for mobile AutoID products, the name PANMOBIL will remain and integrated into the IDENTIFICATION business unit of FEIG ELECTRONIC. As a result, all PANMOBIL products are subject to the same high quality standards as FEIG products.

FEIG ELECTRONIC takes over the business operations of advanced PANMOBIL systems GmbH & Co. KG, and will trade under FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH from March 1, 2018 and will continue to operate from its location in Cologne.


Technology + Ingenuity + Collaboration = Business Solution



RFID technology provides efficiencies – that’s not new!

In principle RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can solve any number of logistical problems associated with tracking items, equipment or materials. Whether tracking pharmaceutical products, from distribution centre to retail outlets, or tools and equipment used in mining operations, RFID is a proven solution to automate this tracking process and improve operational efficiencies.

This is facilitated with the use of readers, and tags (passive or active), which are readily attached to the items that need to be tracked.

However, sometimes things aren’t always that straightforward! What if the material we need to track is iron ore? And what if the ore has to pass through a crusher!

And what if significant operational improvements could flow from knowing the history of the ore before it entered the crusher? For example, where in the mine the material originated?

If this problem could be solved, it could have a big impact on improving the overall goal of a mining operation - which is to maximise profitability by fully exploiting the interaction between the mine and the mill. The source and properties of the ore fed into the crushing circuit and concentrator need to be well understood and must be tracked through the processes in order to quantify their effect through the production chain.


Metso Mining=

In order to gain better visibility on the situation, Metso’s PRO team developed rugged RFID tags, called SmartTag™, designed to be inserted into the rock before it is blasted. RFID readers are placed on conveyor belts in a mineral processing plant, allowing the ore to be tracked from the mine face and throughout the entire processing plant. This means that spatially-based ore characteristics such as ore hardness and mineral content, can be linked with time-based performance in the plant.


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Long Range Wiegand access solutions made easy 



Whether vehicle, or pedestrian, if you require a reader to trigger an event through a Wiegand driven Control Panel we have 2 highly functional and cost effective solutions. Depending on whether you require 1, or up to 4 credentials driven access lanes (2 lanes with both In & Out access required).

Metso Mining=

Single Lane Access point – Wiegand to controller output

If your requirement is for a single lane access (with automatic exit), then the IP65 rated Invengo XC-RF850 Integrated Reader is a compact, fully integrated, very cost-effective option for you.
Download datasheet here

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"AceProx Readers for all current NFC Transponders"

AceProx Readers for all current NFC Transponders


With the latest generation of smartphones the innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) has grown in popularity in more and more areas of daily life:

  • Ticketing for events or public transport
  • Guiding systems for exhibition visitors
  • Cashless parking
  • Access control or Time & Attendance
  • Charging points for electro mobility

Aceprox Read/Write Units support current NFC Transponders to NFC Forum Type 2, like e.g.. Ntag 203, 213, 216 or Mifare Ultralight. Depending on the application either only the ID code or the complete memory contents can be read out or be re-written.

AceProx Readers for all current NFC Transponders

Besides Read/Write Units the AceProx GmbH also offers NFC transponders in different shapes, e.g., as a self-destroying label for driver's licenses.



By eliminating mechanical keys and by providing instant access management on-the-go, Clay by SALTO makes access control secure, swift and simple for Mudanzas Oliva.


Mudanzas Oliva, based in Gipuzkoa (Spain), has been carrying out national and international removals for over 30 years. Now in line with ambitious expansion plans, the company has recently been incorporated into EMG (European Moving Group), a larger business group with a reputation for expertise in international removals and storage, in order to offer their customers an even more comprehensive and competitive service.

Due to this expansion, and as part of its commitment to provide a quality service, the company has decided to increase security protection of both its facilities and staff with the latest access control technology. The system chosen by Mudanzas Oliva to achieve this is Clay by SALTO.

The Clay system is a new cloud-based access control concept developed by SALTO that makes it fast, easy and simple to remotely manage and control building and staff access.

Miguel Oliva, CEO of Mudanzas Oliva, is the first executive in Spain to choose the Clay system to protect his company. Although a new technology, he knew that it was the solution he was looking for. He wanted a system that, apart from being effective, could also protect his business with state-of-the-art access control and Clay provides the highest security on the market with Desfire EV1 ClayTags, bank-level Clay Code security and SALTO quality assurance.

In the case of Mudanzas Oliva, operating abroad isn’t a problem either. With a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop the company can control the security of their facility and their staff from anywhere, in Europe or worldwide. Through the My-Clay App (available for Android, iOS and Windows) Miguel can add or delete users, open doors, or make a whole host of changes to the access system quickly and remotely.

And installation has been simple too. A central device, the IQ, is the heart of the Clay system. It just plugs in and it’s ready to go. If larger distances need to be covered, a Clay Repeater simply extends the wireless range between Clay door locks and/or Clay cylinders and the main Clay IQ. In Mudanzas Oliva’s case a single IQ was sufficient. The old mechanical system in three doors was changed out for Clay locks and their new access control system was done.

In a short timeframe Clay has quickly demonstrated that it’s the best solution to control and manage building and staff access for Mudanzas Oliva, delivering both security and efficiency.

“Clay has become our day to day security tool. Its many benefits and simple operation means we can offer our customers safe storage of their goods and possessions when needed, secure in the knowledge that the Clay locks and their audit trail management facility give them high security and peace of mind.”


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