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RFID technologies

RFID, like Electro-Com, has a long and proud history. In recent times the technology has become a major force in a wide variety of industries, as it used across a host of different applications, with associated standards-bodies and technology advancements. Over the years RFID has evolved and been applied to applications such as animal tracking and identification, speed pass lanes on toll roads, building security access, asset management in healthcare, library systems, sports timing in events such as triathlons, major event ticketing such as the football world cup, and for electronic payment processing at payment kiosks. The RFID technologies behind such applications include:

Low Frequency RFID (LF)

Low Frequency RFID technology by Texas Instruments operates on a frequency of 134.2kHz, half duplex technology. The benefits of the technology allow the tags to be made for just about any application with sufficient read range between 20cm to 250cm.

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High Frequency RFID (HF)

HF RFID operate at a frequency of 13.56MHz. RFID technologies include; ISO15693 and ISO14443-A/B, Tag-it, i-code, Mifare etc.

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Ultra High Frequency RFID (UHF)

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology is the newest member of our RFID product family. Our tags and readers conform to EPCGlobal Class1 Gen2 standards. UHF RFID operates between 860MHz to 960MHz (Regulations vary from region to region).

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Long Range RFID

Characteristics of long range technology include; 2.45GHz operating frequency, 10 meter read range guaranteed at speeds of 100km/hr+, compact card reader design, simultaneous card identification.

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RFID tags can come in numerous physical forms with different capabilities, including:

  • Key fobs (active read/write).
  • Wristbands
  • Bulk metal tags (use-once passive read-only).
  • Garment disks (reusable active read-only).
  • Smart Card credit-cards with RFID tags embedded for storing personal information.

There are three types of RFID tag - Active, Semi-passive and Passive.

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RFID Readers

RFID readers, also called interrogators, come in various configurations depending on the location, environment, and scanning coverage required. A reader is used to identify all tags within its reception area and then use there built in intelligence to aggregate and smooth the received RFID tag data.

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RFID Regulations and Standards

Its a common misunderstanding that there are no RFID standards in place. Infact there are many wel-established RFID standards in place as well as some new emerging ones. Electro-Com can assist in identifying the right RFID solution for you via decades of industry experience and know-how.

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